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  6. MJS Says:

    I had a tummy tuck. Dr. Bashioum and his staff were incredible. They got me through this surgery and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. Bashioum is an artist who is kind, humble and incredibly gentle.

    He answers his personal phone for any questions you may have after surgery. These doctors and their staff are a dying breed.

    I feel lucky that he accepted me as a patient and he was willing to share his expertise with me.
    I was scared, but this amazing team got me through it and made my wishes come true.

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  9. The Most Bizarre Plastic Surgery Trends in 2023 - Says:

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  12. Dina Lewis Says:

    Hi Can you do under eye fat transfer only?

    Do you overfill or just stop when enough volume is there.

    Can you drive home after by yourself?

  13. nipntuck editor Says:

    Paula, it is important to please contact your physician in this regard.

  14. Paula Says:

    I have a small hematoma 4 days post 12 days from an abdominalplast.How should it be treated .Warm compresse?

  15. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hello Patricia,
    Thank you for your question. Cosmetic surgery is not “one size fits all,” so I am reluctant to quote a price for a procedure that might not be appropriate for your facial concerns. We offer complimentary consultations, as do most plastic surgeons and I recommend this might be your first step for your facial rejuvenation questions.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Ralph W. Bashioum

  16. Patricia Johnson Says:

    Do you perform the mid face lift, and if so, average cost?

  17. nipntuck editor Says:

    Good afternoon Paul,
    Thanks for visiting our Blog. Every surgeon has their own parameters to cancel scheduled surgery out of an abundance of caution for patient health and safety. I suggest reaching out to your own surgeon about your concerns, as they would ultimately be making the decision that’s best for you.
    Warm regards,
    -Dr. Ralph W. Bashioum

  18. Paul Says:

    I have a very small scratch the size of a match head on my right wrist and am due for right side hip replacement in 1 week. Should that be enough to postpone surgery?

  19. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your question. Every surgeon has their own parameters to cancel scheduled surgery for an abundance of caution for patient health and safety. I suggest reaching out to your own surgeon about your concerns, as they would ultimately be making the decision that is best for you.
    Warm regards,
    -Dr. Ralph W. Bashioum

  20. Mike Says:

    I maybe having a lung reduction surgery done in the near future, would that be a type of surgery that would not get booked to be done?

  21. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hello Jenna,
    Thank your for your question. As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, the cost of surgery is dependent on several physical findings that are determined during a complimentary consultation. Please contact my office by phone at 952.449.4900 to make an appointment or simply use the Contact Us form on our website. I will look forward to discussing your options to correct common findings concerning breast asymmetry.

  22. Jenna Says:

    I have a larger right breast than left. I like the size of my right and only want to make a fat transfer to the left to make it even. How much would this cost?

  23. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Debra, simply call our office to make an appointment to discuss this procedure with Dr. Bashioum.
    We can be reached at 952-449-4900 during normal business hours.
    Thank you,
    The Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

  24. Debra Burgoyne Says:

    I would love to make an appointment to have my implants replaced with my own fat.

  25. Ultra Recycle Hack: Natural Breast Enlargement - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] General Information […]

  26. nipntuck editor Says:

    Jennifer, Thank you for visiting our cosmetic surgery blog. Your own surgeon will make the final decision whether they feel that it is necessary to cancel your surgery. While I mention the main reasons why surgery is often canceled or rescheduled, I would direct you to contact your own surgeon in this regard.
    Regards, -Dr. Bashioum

  27. Jennifer Says:

    I have surgery on my knee tomorrow morning. I scraped that same knee yesterday so now there’s a small cut. I noticed the preop instructions are to not shave for two days prior. I’m assuming that is for the purpose of preventing a cut in the area. Will this small scrape of about 2 inches cause my surgery to be canceled when they see it?


  28. nipntuck editor Says:

    Thank you for visiting our website blog. I am unable to answer your specific question, other than to direct you to contact your surgeon for guidance in this instance for what safety protocols they use for canceling surgery in their practice.
    -Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  29. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Steph, Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s so rewarding to know that we exceeded your expectations. I am pleased that you are happy with your natural results, because we take pride in listening to what goals our patients desire. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with our readers.
    -Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  30. SMB Says:

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bashioum, or his staff. They were incredibly patient and thorough. My results exceeded my expectations and I would rave about the lovely natural results that I received from my breast augmentation to anyone looking for a recommendation. Thank you!

  31. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Earnestine, thank you so much. Ashley really did enjoy her time on the Young and Restless, but decided she wanted to finish college. We supported her decision to sign her CBS contract and equally supported her desire to finish her education.
    Thanks again for your kind comment and we agree!

  32. Ernestine Says:

    I was a huge fan of Ashley on Y&R. Mac and Billy will forever be my favorite couple. We miss you, Ashley, and wishing you all the best!

  33. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dear Mdav,
    Wow, what a lovely review! It is very gratifying to hear that we have met our patient care goals for you, as we all strive to provide the kind of experience that you describe. My entire team is dedicated to treating our patients with kindness to instill confidence that they are receiving the very best care that we may offer. Many thanks for sharing your most kind review and I will look forward to sharing it with Becky, Sandy and my entire staff this afternoon.
    -Dr. Bashioum

  34. madv Says:

    From the moment I met Dr. Bashioum I felt comfortable. Let me back up. I have “known” about Dr. Bashioum from the majority of my life. Dr. Bashioum has performed breast surgery on multiple (4) close family members of mine and a couple friends of theirs. I have been hearing his praises since I was a young adult. So in actuality, I have felt comfortable with Dr. Bashioum before I even walked in the door. There wasn’t any other choice. Why would I go somewhere else when the results and longevity of these breasts are incredible and gorgeous.
    The entire staff treats their clients gently and kind. I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery as well as the pre and post op care. My surgery was 8 months ago and I feel like I have had these breasts my entire life – they are so natural and I couldn’t imagine anything else. I love the way they look and the way they make me feel! Becky, Sandy, Dr Bashioum & team: Thank you for your remarkable talent! xxxxooo

  35. Patient Recommends Dr. Bashioum for Breast Surgery - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] CL writes, “I had my boobs done and got a recommendation from my mom who had her’s by Dr Bashioum. I am so happy from the start to finish, I am currently almost 8 weeks post op and was so happy to hear my results are looking great. I would highly recommend Dr Bashioum and working with Sandy was amazing as well. If I love my boobs now I can only imagine how much more I’ll keep loving them more as more months go by!  Dr. Bashioum replies, “Good Morning CL, Thank you for taking time to comment on your recent breast surgery. I’m delighted that you are happy with the results so far and as your recovery progresses, I agree that you will continue to be pleased with your decision. I will also share your comments with Sandy, who has been our patient coordinator for over 25 years now. She is a gem! Thanks again for your kind comments, -Dr. Bashioum […]

  36. nipntuck editor Says:

    Good Morning CL,
    Thank you for taking time to comment on your recent breast augmentation. I’m delighted that you are happy with the results so far and as your recovery progresses, I agree that you will continue to be pleased with your decision. I will also share your comments with Sandy, who has been our patient coordinator for over 25 years now. She is a gem!
    Thanks again for your kind comments,
    -Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  37. CL Says:

    I had my boobs done and got a recommendation from my mom who had hers done twice by Dr Bashioum. I am so happy from the start to finish, I am currently almost 8 weeks post op and was so happy to hear my results are looking great. I would highly recommend Dr Bashioum and working with Sandy was amazing as well. If I love my boobs now I can only imagine how much more I’ll keep loving them more as more months go by!!

  38. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hello Jessica, Thank you for your questions. We offer complimentary consultations, either in-person or by phone to discuss whether fat transfer might be an option for you to consider. Regarding price, every patient is unique and scope of procedure differs on several factors, depending on desired size, etc. I invite you to call our office to initiate a conversation about this procedure and perhaps schedule a consultation to answer your questions more thoroughly. We can be reached at 952.449.4900 M-F 9:00-4:30
    Thanks again,
    ~Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  39. Jessica Andrew Says:

    Does fat transfer go away if weight is lost? also how much is the procedure?

  40. nipntuck editor Says:

    Good Morning Jane, the Gov signed a back to work order for elective surgery starting on Monday. We plan to announce that our office will be opening next week. Please give Sandy a call and she may assist you to arrange a consultation. We will look forward to see you again!
    Dr. Bashioum

  41. Jane Reed Says:

    Good morning Sandy,
    I am a returning customer.
    20 years ago I would drive from Hudson to have my derm abrasions done by one of you people.
    Then I saw how every person in the office had work done by Dr. Bashioum.
    I then had my face lift and nose job none by him. I am still happy with the results. Thank you

    Now I am 65 and doing Zoom meetings on line.
    Working with young people, loving my job, but I am always looking at my neck on screen.

    I am coming to you today to see what can be done and the cost to have neck pulled up, or something so it does not sag. I do not want to wear turtle neck sweaters all my life.
    thank you for any information and estimated cost you can give me.

  42. nipntuck editor Says:

    Tina, thank you for your kind comments. Ashley is taking a break from acting while she and her husband raise a family.

  43. Tina Hyde Says:

    Are you still acting because you were great on the young and restless. Much happiness.

  44. nipntuck editor Says:

    Good Afternoon Nancy,
    While I cannot respond to your specific questions because you are not my patient, I suggest that you contact your shoulder surgeon to inquire whether or not your condition affects your surgery.

  45. Nancy Napoli Says:

    I’m having surgery on my right shoulder in 6 days. I have a Gerd and my ulcers are giving me extreme pain and nausea in my stomach. Should I be concerned?

  46. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Julie, thanks for your question. We usually try to accommodate most requests for consultations at a time and date that works for you. The best approach is to call the office and speak to Sandy, our patient coordinator and she will advise you of availability per your schedule. Sandy may be reached at our Wayzata office at 952.449.4900
    M-F 8:30-4:00
    Looking forward to meeting you,
    Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  47. Julie W Says:

    What days do you do consults?
    Per appointment or is it a specific day of the week?
    Im considering a breast reduction.
    Thank you,

  48. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: Dear Amy, thank you for your very kind comments. It is always a pleasure to see you in the office. I’ve always strived to give patients a natural and aesthetically balanced appearance following surgery or a non-invasive procedure. After more than 30 years, I have found that while most patients, like you, enjoy a more natural look, others prefer something else. It was great to hear from you, thanks again for including your comments on our blog.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  49. Amy Says:

    BEST EVER!!! Dr. Bashioum is conservative enough to keep a natural look. I had 2 different surgeries that were seamless and botox several times that left a natural look. I trust whatever Dr. Bashioum recommends. He also clearly cares and is a skilled surgeon and artist.

  50. Anti-aging Refresh for the Holidays - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  51. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies:
    Good Morning Darcy,
    I have enjoyed reading your review this week and I am humbled by your praise. I especially appreciate your comments given your perspective as a CRNA and strive to create an aesthetically balanced result for my cosmetic surgery patients. My practice is devoted to giving patients a natural result, and after 30 years as a surgeon, it is wonderful to know that the attention to my surgical approach is respected. Thank you for taking time to share your comments with our readers.

  52. Darcy Burzynski Says:

    Renaissance man? Possibly. I know that Dr. Bashioum is a technically astute surgeon but he also has an artist’s eye for beauty! I am a CRNA (provider of anesthesia) and for 15 years I have been at the head of the operating room table, having a great view of the work of numerous surgeons. From my vantage point, it seems that many surgeons struggle to placed implants evenly on the chest, have nipples fall in the appropriate place, and even leave a neat incision. I chose Dr. Bashioum because I knew he was skilled. He place my implants in 2003 and the symmetry, proportion and placement are the best I have ever seen. He sculpts like an artist and, from my perspective, this is indeed a rare talent among his peers.

  53. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies “Dear Wendi,
    Thank you for sharing your experience in having your silicone implants replaced. As you noted, saline implants today are much improved from their first generation available many years ago. They also represent a safer choice in the event of breakage, in simply leaking saline, which is salt water. When presented with all the current information and guidelines, most of my patients do choose saline now. I am honored that you returned for your second surgery and you report being happy again with your results. It was our pleasure to provide you with the kind of experience that is our #1 goal. Thanks again for taking time to write on our Nipntuck Blog.”

  54. Wendy Says:

    I am a 62 year old female and have come to Dr. Bashioum for my 2nd set of breast implants. My first set was done 25 years ago and were silicone implants and I was super happy with the results. After 25 years, they needed to be replaced and that this time I went with the saline implants and couldn’t be happier with the results once again. I definitely would recommend the saline implants over the silicone implants as they are softer and are more natural looking. The service I have received with Dr. Bashioum and his staff is definitely the best out there. All questions are answered in a manner that is easy to understand and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. The patient care before and after the surgery was amazing and I have had absolutely no problems since my surgery. Many thanks once again for the wonderful experience.

  55. Why Take a Shower Before Cosmetic Surgery? - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] DOs & DON’Ts After Surgery […]

  56. 66 Year old Male Facelift: Happy Patient - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] Gregg writes: I am a 66 year old male and had a facelift on 12/26/18. When I was looking into getting some work done I selected several Doctors in the area and had a consult with them. Dr. Bashioum and his team made me feel the most comfortable.I am now about 3.5 months post op. I continue to be very pleased with the work that was done. Everyone on the team makes you feel so comfortable and explains things in great detail and welcomes questions any time. Dr. Bashioum even called me on 12/25/18 in the evening to see if I had any questions prior to surgery. I don’t know of any other doctors that would demonstrate that kind of patient care. After the surgery I was surprised how alert I felt. With other medically required surgeries I did not have that experience. Great thanks to everyone on the team!! […]

  57. 5-Star Patient Review - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] I recently had a Tummy Tuck procedure by Dr. Bashioum as his practice came highly recommended by a close friend of mine. From my first consultation with Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center, I have been 100% happy with my experience and confident I was in good hands. Any questions I had were answered immediately, and thoroughly. I was completely prepared for each step prior to, during and after surgery. My husband (who is not easily impressed) was amazed at how organized, friendly and professional every one of the staff was. Dr. Bashioum’s years of experience are very evident in his skills. I have just had my 6-wk checkup and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Bashioum to anyone considering undergoing any plastic surgery procedure.” (read entire review) […]

  58. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies, “Hi Gregg,
    You are very kind to take the time to include your comments about your facelift experience with the readers on our Blog. We love to hear that you are pleased with your results from surgery 3.5 months ago. I’m always amazed that patients are surprised to receive a personal call from me before and after surgery. I like to think that patients appreciate having their questions answers and a phone call is an easy way to put patients at ease. Surgery and recovery is stressful for most patients and a little reassuring goes a long way to ease the experience by knowing what to expect. I will look forward to seeing you again for a post-op visit in a few months, Gregg. I will share your comments with my staff, always the highlight of my week! Thanks again.”
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  59. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hello Michele,
    Thank you for awarding us 5-Stars! We are delighted that you took time to include your comments on our Blog. It is always rewarding to hear that my staff and I met your expectations in choosing us for cosmetic surgery and in this case, your Tummy Tuck surgery. I feel that by giving patients “informed consent” with all the information and choices, contributes to the experience that you describe. It is our goal to provide a relaxed and professional environment for our patients, supported by our caring and confidential staff. Thank you again for your very kind comments and I will be honored to share them with my staff.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  60. gregg D. Says:

    I am a 66 year old male and had a facelift on 12/26/18. When I was looking into getting some work done I selected several Doctors in the area and had a consult with them. Dr. Bashioum and his team made me feel the most comfortable.

    I am now about 3.5 months post op. I continue to be very pleased with the work that was done. Everyone on the team makes you feel so comfortable and explains things in great detail and welcomes questions any time. Dr. Bashioum even called me on 12/25/18 in the evening to see if I had any questions prior to surgery. I don’t know of any other doctors that would demonstrate that kind of patient care. After the surgery I was surprised how alert I felt. With other medically required surgeries I did not have that experience. Great thanks to everyone on the team!!!

  61. Michele D. Says:

    I give Dr. Bashioum and the Cosmetic Surgery Center 5 stars!!!! I recently had a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure by Dr. Bashioum as his practice came highly recommended by a close friend of mine. From my first consultation with Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center I have been 100 percent happy with my experience and confident I was in good hands. I am sure to forget a few names here and there, – so rather than forget someone I will say that every single member of the staff was friendly and professional and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with my decision in choosing this Surgery Center. Any questions I had were answered immediately, and thoroughly. I was completely prepared for each step prior to, during and after surgery. My husband (who is not easily impressed) was my driver to/from surgery, and he was amazed at how organized, friendly and professional every one of the staff was. In particular we are both extremely pleased with the results of the abdominoplasty, and Dr. Bashioum’s years of experience are very evident in his skills. I have just had my 6 week checkup and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Bashioum and Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center to anyone considering undergoing any plastic surgery procedure.

  62. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Good Afternoon Chelsea, Thank you for taking the time to share you thoughts with our readers. I am honored to have earned your trust as your surgeon. I believe that informed consent is given to all patients considering breast surgery. It is important for patients to understand the FDA specific guidelines for both saline and silicone breast implants, which we explain in complete detail. I also strongly believe in limiting the amount of surgery completed safely at one time, which helps to limit complications. We are so delighted that you are happy with your results and thank you again for your generous recommendation!”
    Dr. Ralph Bashioum

  63. Chelsea Says:

    Dr. Bashioum and his staff are absolutely the best to work with and to trust with your procedures! He did my breast enlargement almost 10 years ago and the results were so great and natural looking. A month ago I had him perform my surgery again to have the implants changed out as it was just time to replace them to be safe. He also did some liposuction at the same time. The whole process went so smooth. Sandy in their office makes you feel like you are family!! She’s great at explaining things and answering any questions. I trust Dr. Bashioum to make any decisions in my best interest. With my recent surgery, I wanted more areas of liposuction done but left it in his hands to decide what was healthiest for me during surgery. He was able to do most but not all. That was okay because I know it was the right decision. The results have been better than expected! I would highly recommend Dr. Bashioum and his staff for any cosmetic surgery needs. You won’t be disappointed! I already have plans to go back!

  64. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Emily, thank you for visiting our blog. Our office was closed during the Thanksgiving break. While not monitoring questions online, all my patients have my mobile phone to reach me anytime with their concerns or questions regarding their surgery. I hope you were able to reach your surgeon to answer your question about whether your procedure would need to be rescheduled. As I mentioned in our blog, each surgeon has their own guidelines for canceling a procedure and I would not do any facial surgery for a patient with an active lesion on their face.”

  65. emily Says:

    I am having surgery next week and have developed a cold sore. will my surgery be canclelled?

  66. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Emily, Thank you for the question. My comments relate to the most common reasons that surgery may be cancelled or rescheduled. Every surgeon has a policy regarding these situations. Since I am not your physician, I urge you to please call your surgeon to check on your specific surgery according to their protocol on this.”

  67. Emily Says:

    I have come out with a little rash of exma on my face and it has gone down a lot but still can see a red patch but I’m having hip surgery tomorrow will it be cancelled

  68. Repurpose Tummy Tuck Lipo-Fat - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  69. Hawkyn Says:

    So congrats! Miss you on Y&R! I wish you all the best:)

  70. Tummy Tuck Top 5 Cosmetic Surgeries - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  71. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Gretchen, thank you for your inquiry and yes we do breast revision surgery. We can be reach at our toll free number 877.nipntuck to schedule a complimentary consultation.”

  72. Gretchen Weyek Says:

    Do you perform breast implant revision

  73. Breast Lift, Reduction or Enlargement to Correct Sagging? - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  74. Too Big or Too Small? - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] Surgery,  #3: My Pre-op Instructions,  #4: Day Before Surgery,  #5: My Surgery Day,  #6: My Recovery,  #7: My […]

  75. Too Big or Too Small? - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] Diary of Breast Reduction #1: Intro to My Story,  #2: Why I am Considering Surgery,  #3: My Pre-op Instructions,  #4: Day Before Surgery,  #5: My Surgery Day,  #6: My Recovery,  #7: My Reflections […]

  76. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Good Morning Tamara,
    Thank you for commenting on our blog. While it is difficult to estimate the fee without seeing you for a personal consultation in our office, we suggest calling our toll free number during business hours to speak with our staff: 1-877-NIPNTUCK for an estimated range of fees typical for this kind of surgery.”

  77. Tamara Says:

    Hello.I’m Tamara,29 years old no kids,single.I have a large breast with 32 J cup bra.I have back and shoulders pain,can’t walking,can’t running.I’m 160 pounds.when I’m trying to lose some weight, i lose weight all on my body but my breast still stay big. I wanna know if you guys do Reduction without assurance if yes how much.Thank you.

  78. Recycle Your Own Fat! - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  79. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Thank you Sue for sharing your experience of having a brow lift at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery. We really appreciate your kind comments and are so pleased that we met your expectations. We strive to explain the process for our patients in specific detail, from surgery through the recovery process. I am delighted to share your comments with my dedicated staff, because it is a task that truly makes my day!”
    Many thanks,
    Ralph Bashioum, MD, FACS

  80. Sue F. Says:

    I had a brow lift by Dr. Bashioum in March 2017. Never having had cosmetic surgery before, I was excited yet nervous. Dr. Bashioum, Jennifer and Sandy were all amazing. They explained exactly what I could expect, before and after surgery. I really appreciated Dr. Bashioum taking the time to call me at home after surgery to see how I was doing.

    I love my results and would absolutely recommend Dr. Bashioum.

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  83. Robert White Says:

    FYI…you should change the spelling of “complementary” to the correct spelling”complimentary”.


  84. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Denise, Thank you for sharing your personal experience at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center. We are always interested to read patient comments on our blog and so pleased that we met your expectations. It is gratifying that you feel confident with your decision, as it is our number one goal with all our patients.”

  85. Difference in Breast Size: What to do? - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] The difference in breast size or shape can be the result of a number of things. Puberty can be a particularly awkward time for teenagers and it is common for breast tissue to mature asymmetrically. These differences generally resolve with time and if desired, specialized undergarments may be worn in the interim to appear less noticeable. However, when the difference is considerable and persists past puberty, cosmetic surgery may be considered to correct dramatic differences in breast size or shape. I strongly suggest patients schedule a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss their options. Treatment choices may include a procedure such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, or liposuction with fat grafting. This is not a “one size fits all” solution. In addition, adolescent males may also develop unwanted breasts (gynecomastia) and liposuction is generally an effective treatment. See more information here. […]

  86. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Brittney,Thank you for your commonly asked question. I recommend making an appointment for a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific breast augmentation (implant) surgery and options for implant replacement surgery, as each patient is slightly different.”

  87. Brittney Says:

    I’m just curious I had my implants done almost a year ago,( love them btw) and just curious what the cost will be in ten years to replace them?! Is it the same as new implants or different cause I’ve already had some in there?!

  88. thighliftrecovery | Says:

    […] Thigh Lift – After Surgery Instructions – Ralph Bashioum MD […]

  89. TG Says:

    I cannot begin to say enough good things about my experience at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

    The level of compassion and knowledge is better than any out there. Dr. Bashioums work is unsurpassed.

    Dr. Bashioum and his staff were accessible 24/7, which gave me peace of mind throughout my surgery and post-care.

    Sandy and the staff are great.

    I had my implants removed and did fat replacement for a smaller more natural look. I am very happy with the results and would refer anyone I have ever met to them.

  90. Kari Says:

    Thanks to Dr. Bashioum and staff, I am very pleased with the results. Everyone at Nipntuck took very good care of me until I got the results I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier!

  91. Turning the Clock Back on Aging - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    Medical News Today, plastic surgery makes people look  younger than their actual age. Since that is a major goal of many of my patients, I’m glad to know that we are doing our job! Researchers from the University of Toronto and North Shore University Health System.

  92. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Nicole, Thank you for your comment. Please call our office at 952-449-4900 to schedule a free consultation at your convenience to discuss your specific questions confidentially at our office.

  93. Nicole Says:

    Looking to get a consult for a BBL.

    Thank you

  94. KQ Morning Show Tom's Surgery - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  95. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies to H.N. “Thank you for your comment. For the best result, patients should be within their range for ideal weight according to height. Tummy tuck surgery is not a weight reduction surgery, but rather a procedure to tighten abdominal muscles and repair stretched skin due to pregnancy or repair skin laxity due to extreme weight loss. I believe that patients find recovery an easier process when they are physically fit and manage to maintain their goal weight prior to considering surgery. Sounds like you are on your way, so keep up the good work and you may find you don’t even need surgery!”

  96. H.N. Says:

    Hi , I was wondering if a women is losing weight , how do you base what weight she should be before the tummy tuck ? For me I’m losing weight since I’ve started working a lot. I did not weigh myself before I started , but can tell I have because I’m down a size . 🙂 So I was wondering how much more would You like to see your patient at before considering a tummy tuck ?

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    […] chemicals and drugs in tobacco reduce blood flow and oxygenation of the skin. Smoking hinders healing and increases your risk for skin loss and scarring by ten […]

  99. Top Ten Don'ts Before Cosmetic Surgery - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] Help minimize scars by not tanning because sun or artificial tanning may cause discoloration, making scars become more noticeable.  For more information on minimizing surgery scars click here. […]

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  101. Top Ten Don'ts Before Cosmetic Surgery - Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  102. Staci D. Gordon Says:

    Nice Article


    […] General Information […]

  104. Brad and Es Says:

    Thanks guys!!…Josh and Ashley all grown up…Beautiful Family..

  105. nipntuck editor Says:

    Thank you! Hope the New Year finds you and Es happy and healthy, Highcroft isn’t the same without you both.

  106. Brad and Es Says:

    What a Great picture of a wonderful family!…Miss our Wayzata neighbors…Happy New Year!!

  107. Can Breasts be Restored After Pregnancy? » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  109. jan Says:

    You go girl! !!! Enjoy the whole experience!

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  111. Patient Thanks Dr. Bashioum » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] thank you for the care they have received. In this case, Jennifer also wrote a note to our staff (see here), most of whom has been with me for more than 15 years. It is rewarding to know that the special […]

  112. Restoring Breasts After Pregnancy » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  114. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Just go to KQ link for Real or Not Real to take test.

  115. GARY W. Says:


  116. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Corrine,
    I suggest calling our office to set up a consultation to discuss your options regarding your questions. There is no charge for consultation appointments, either in our office or by telephone.”
    Thank you,
    Ralph W. Bashioum, MD, FACS

  117. Fat Grafting After Lumpectomy » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  118. Corrine Says:

    I have breast implants that are around 10yrs old. do they need to be replaced? and if so what is the cost difference from implants/no implant breast enlargement? I am very interested in the fat injection for the face, Im still very much considering that procedure.

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  121. Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Do's and Don’ts » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] Drink a gallon of water the day before surgery. After surgery, continue drinking lots of fluids, as you will feel better if you are well hydrated.  Call you surgeon if you have questions. Be sure to call and speak to your doctor if you have any questions before or after surgery. You will be better informed before surgery and be reassured after surgery. […]

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  123. Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Do's and Do nots by Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] surgery. Washing with soap reduces bacteria on your skin, lowering your risk of infection. Gently shower the day following surgery to keep incisions clean and dry, as directed by your surgeon. DO NOT  scrub the incision, just let […]

  124. Top Ten Don'ts Before Cosmetic Surgery » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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    […] alcohol before and/or after surgery may cause significant […]

  126. Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Do's and Do Nots by Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] your surgery it is important to have review your complete medical history and have a physical by your primary care doctor. Their independent opinion is best to determine if you are healthy […]

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  129. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies, “Hi Julie,
    Lindsay will be posting her video diary later this month. She has lots of film to edit!”

  130. Julie Says:

    Want to read diary

  131. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Dear Dr. Isaacson,
    Thank you for your kind comment on the “Selfie” post today. I have seen a small increase of patients seeking perfection and as a matter of policy, I try to utilize the consultation visit for education in realistic expectations for cosmetic surgery. I most certainly agree that by helping to appropriately improve a physical appearance, we often bolster a patient’s self-esteem.
    But unfortunately we are not miracle workers!”

  132. Tim Isaacson Says:

    Well stated Dr. Bashioum. Do you feel you are seeing an increase in “body dysmorphic” syndrome? I run into some of the same issues when doing cosmetic reconstructions, I may be able to improve the appearance of their teeth and soft tissue support, but it won’t fix the negative messages we all have sent to ourselves. That being said, helping improve peoples confidence can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs, as long as their expectations are realistic.

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  137. nipntuck editor Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment.

  138. Roy Says:

    I’m still hoping she’ll be back on Y&R.. hopefully soon! lol

  139. Swelling After Cosmetic Surgery » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

    […] will this go away? Swelling will begin to pass out of your body 2 to 3 days after surgery. See tips to reduce swelling. It is naturally excreted in your urine.  Initial resolution is rapid, with the vast majority of […]

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  141. Pencil Test for Sagging Breasts » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  142. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Marsha,
    Thank you for your question. Women consider cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons and yours is not uncommon. Patients frequently comment that they experience a boost in self-confidence following surgery. I recommend that your next step might be to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, because we have extensive training and are held to the highest standards in medicine. Please contact my office if you would like further information or have specific questions regarding your case. Before and after photos are an excellent way to judge the aesthetics of a surgeon.”

  143. Marsha Says:

    Hi, I’m very small chested and have always wanted to boost my size a little. Like and A cup to a B. I’m almost 50 years old now. Is it too late for me? I’m 5’4, 120 lb’s and have no health conditions. I’ve been divorced for a couple of years and would like to feel better about my body and improve my chances of finding love again at this stage of life.



  144. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Dear Vicki,
    Thank you for your kind note, can’t believe Jason is 28 already. Our office will contact you personally regarding your questions.”

  145. Vicki Says:

    Dr. Bashioum did surgery on my son Jason. My son is now 28. We are from Chippewa Falls WI. Where is the closest office he works out of from here. Is it the cities? My son was a baby the last time he saw him. Everybody was so impressed with the job he did. Gosh that was so long ago. I am just looking into things. I would love to have some liposuction done on my stomach. I am a friend of his on facebook. Just too afraid to have anyone do it and looking at the price. I heard it was an outpatient procedure that takes about a half an hour is this true?

    Thank you so much

    Vicki 🙂

  146. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Kelli,
    Please call our office and perhaps make an appointment to have all your questions answered. The number of units needed to treat a patient depends on a number of factors. Office consultations are complimentary.”

  147. Kelli Says:

    How many units does a typical appointment require (eyes/forehead) and how long before the effects wear off?
    I have always been interested in botox, but nervous about any long-term effects that may happen? Are there any long-term concerns?
    Thank you so much,
    Kelli O.

  148. Homepage Says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More here: […]…

  149. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Andrea, thank you for your blog question. Tattoos can be removed with excision or laser treatments. As you have surmised, the quality of the scar is dependent on the size, location, and skill of the surgeon. The location is also critical in determining the outcome. Actually, in some areas of the body like the decolletage or cleavage, laser treatments might be a better choice. The surgeon can help you with that decision. In that regard, I suggest that you consult with three plastic surgeons in London. You may also contact my office via email at to discuss this further or call us 1-877-nipntuck.”

  150. Andrea Says:

    I have a tattoo that I would like to have excised. I would like the neatest scar possible. I know that this will depend on the size and dimensions of the tattoo as well as the skill of the surgeon. Do you have an suggestions of recommendations for particularly skilled surgeons? I live in London but am happy to travel to a recommended surgeon.


  151. nipntuck editor Says:

    Kelly, Thank you for sharing your comment. Life often gets in the way for all of us at times. Keep dreaming and stay positive.

  152. Kelly Says:

    How I wish I could afford to have this done! I may one day lose weight; however, I will also lose breast size. I don’t see that anytime soon that I will be able to “treat” myself to anything to boost my self-esteem and with getting “older” I wonder often if it will matter how I feel about myself. I know this is a downer comment, but I guess I needed to get something out after having all the dreams but life getting in the way.

  153. Dr. Bashioum's Award-winning TV Commercials » Ralph Bashioum MD Says:

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  154. URL Says:

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    […] Informations on that Topic: […]…

  155. Liz Says:

    Liz writes:

    I recently had liposuction done to my neck to reduce/lift the sagging below my chin. While that is easy to write this comment, it took me an entire year before I was felt 100% comfortable with the decision to have surgery. My reservations were not about Dr. Bashioum’s ability to improve my neck or the surgery itself. I had done my research, met with Dr. Bashioum several times and felt informed. My reservations were all about me. I am 40 years old and I had a hard time with the idea of “cosmetic surgery”…aren’t I too young. I felt I may have been overly focused on my neck, meaning that it was more my mind than reality. I also wasn’t sure I deserved the cost of the surgery.

    I shared all these concerns with Dr. Bashiom. His advice was to wait and take time to decide if my neck really bothered me and then don’t worry about what others thought. So, after a year of hiding my neck, ducking my chin under high-collared fleeces, and frowning into the mirror, I realized 3 things. First, I wasn’t too young, secondly, my neck really, really bothered me and lastly, I was worth it. I am so glad I took the time to really reflect on having surgery and thankful that Dr. Bashioum encouraged me to take it instead of pushing me to make a decision I wasn’t ready for. I am very happy with the results and rarely find myself thinking about my neck anymore.

  156. Michael Miron Says:

    Ashley was the best and ONLY actress who should have portrayed Mackenzie. She will always be missed on the show. Jeanne and Ashley had such amazing chemistry, as if they were really family. I know she has moved on, but it would be amazing if Ashley could return for the eventual episode of Katherine’s funeral.

  157. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Trish, We enjoy hearing from our patients about their personal experience with us. Thank you for your kind comments! Fat grafting is the wave of the future for regenerative medicine and a great option for natural anti-aging solutions.”

  158. Trish P. Says:

    I recently had lip augmentation via fat graft. I cannot tell you how happy I am and amazed at how natural it looks. My lips are symmetrical and there are no lumps, bumps or appearance of a “duck bill”. The procedure was a breeze and the healing process was very short. I did have a puffy face for a couple of weeks and I avoided running for 1 to 2 weeks as I was tender on my abdomen where the cells were harvested. All of which I was made aware prior to the procedure. As always, Dr. Bashioum and staff were fantastic. This was my second procedure with Dr. B and certainly not the last. He is an amazing surgeon that truely cares about his work and his patients.

  159. Natasha E. Says:

    I am from Canada and just had a facelift. My surgeon was excellent but your webpage has all the information one needs for post op care. It has given me answers to many of my questions, thanks.

  160. nipntuck editor Says:

    Hi Brandi,
    We have several patients that have personally written about their tummy tuck surgery. Just enter patient experience with tummy tuck in our search function and you can read their stories about having that surgery.
    Good luck!

  161. Brandi Says:

    Has anyone had a tummy tuck? I am suppose to have mine on Jan. 7th can anyone tell be about theirs? Thank you so much.

  162. nipntuck editor Says:

    In response to your question: How much is a tummy tuck?
    Thank you for your comment. The fee for an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery can vary depending on the scope of the repair that is requested. I charge an average of 8,500 for a typical tummy tuck surgery. Expect to pay more on the East/West coast, where fees for cosmetic surgery are generally higher. As always, it is import to know the qualifications and credentials of the surgeon you might be considering. It is important to select a board certified plastic surgeon and you can check for members in your area at our society’s website at the American Society for Plastic Surgery, linked here.

  163. M Selander Says:

    What is the cost for a tummy tuck?

  164. Lorray Says:

    I am officially 6 months post op from my implant surgery with Dr Bashioum and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I went ahead with the surgery and my choice of Dr Bashioum. I had wanted to do breast enlargement for years and years. FINALLY… I mustered up the courage for the consultation and once I did, it was a slam-dunk to move forward. My biggest fear was how to face my (conservative) family and circle of friends and whether they were going to accept the decision I had made to “complete” myself. I say it like that because I didn’t always feel very feminine and really struggled with how imbalanced my figure was. It seemed like everything about me was “big” except my breasts – clothes didn’t fit and I felt almost deformed with that missing link to my figure. Now, I’m a size 10/12 EVERYWHERE and I love it. Shopping still isn’t a favorite activity of mine, but it is a lot more exciting when you try on a dress and you actually fill it out and it looks fabulous!!

    More people tell me how great I look. Everyone has supported my decision. My friends ask me for Dr Bashioum’s card when they find out and they want to know all about the whole experience.

    Dr Bashioum and the entire staff at the office are some of the nicest, most professional and caring people I have ever met. They treated me with respect, kindness and concern for my health and my choices. My intent was to “research” a few surgeons before moving forward, but I stopped at one – I knew from the start they’d take great care of me. Dr Bashioum’s talents being a gifted surgeon where what I wanted. I highly recommend him.

  165. Breanna Says:

    I would recommend Dr. Bashioum and his staff to anyone. I am so happy with my breast augmentation and cannot thank them enough!

    I am not the type of person who would generally consider this type of procedure but it has crossed my mind again and again for many years. With a size A cup, I was bound to have some confidence issues in a bathing suit and certain styles of clothes. I even visited another plastic surgeon a few years back but the thought of going through with the procedure quickly fizzled out after meeting with him – I wasn’t comfortable. A friend suggested that I give Dr. Bashioum a try when I brought up my insecurities with her (she had a breast augmentation with him previously and was very pleased). I took her advice and gave it a try. I had the consultation within two weeks and booked my surgery during my visit. I have had 5 months with my new body and the confidence I have now speaks volumes.

    The procedure itself was done before I knew it and recovery was a breeze. Dr. Bashioum even called me the very next day to check in. To say the least, I would do it again if I had to and many more times after that!

  166. Quality Every Time Says:

    I’ve been going to Dr. Bashioum for 8 years now and I’ve never been disappointed. My girlfriends get botox done elsewhere and it NEVER lasts as long as when Dr. Bashioum does it. I’ve also gotten my lips done….I know what you’re thinking – fish lips!? Nope! Dr. Bashioum makes them look natural. I will be a lifelong patient here!

  167. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dear Angie,
    Thank you for your comment. It is normal to be anxious before surgery. I would suggest contacting your surgeon for the names of his patients that have agreed to talk with other patients considering the same surgery. I do not recommend combining surgeries at one time, as I believe that it is safer to do one surgery at a time and I find that my patients have a quicker recovery. Many of my patients have written personal blogs for contributions to our posted content. You can find them by doing a simple search for information in the subject category.

  168. Angie Says:

    I am having mommy makeover soon, a tummy tuck. I have been waiting to get enough money for 16 years, I am 34 and a mother of two boys, I am so scared that I may cancel my surgery, is there any advice you can give me to help alleviate some of my fears? I have not told anyone but my husband, sons and mother in law that I am having the surgeries? please help with some been there done that advice, thanks alot, Angie.

  169. Jackie Says:

    As a mother of two busy children, a full-time professional in the healthcare industry, and a wife of 15 years, I make a conscious choice to not take myself too seriously and embrace living each day to its fullest. So, when I began to realize that my breasts settled into noticeably different sizes this year, I didn’t hesitate to make a consultation with Dr Bashioum to see what the big deal of “getting a boob job” was all about. At the appointment, I was so excited about moving forward with the surgery/recovery (and on a busy time schedule) that I made arraignments to have the surgery 8 days later (lucky for me the doctor had a cancelation).

    Since it was my first experience with having any cosmetic surgery done, sure I was nervous, but I don’t believe in being afraid…life is really just too short! I just had my six-week check-up and I look and feel amazing and am so glad I didn’t wait to enjoy being myself again. If you’ve been considering making a cosmetic change of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least make a consultation with Dr. Bashioum to see what your options are.

    Thanks Dr Bashioum, Sandy, and ALL of the staff for making my first surgical experience quick, comfortable, confidential, and painless. You’ll be seeing my mother and sisters soon!

  170. Alana V. Says:

    I would like to thank Dr. Bashioum and his amazing staff for being so kind, caring and helpful through my recent breast augmentation surgery. I am 9 days post op and could not be more happy with the results.

  171. Couples Plastic Surgery Increasing Trend « Nipntuck Blog | Plastic Surgery Costs Informations Says:

    […] Couples Plastic Surgery Increasing Trend « Nipntuck Blog Share this: This entry was posted in Chicago Cosmetic Dentist and tagged anecdotal evidence, cosmetic procedures, evidence suggesting that, los angeles times, statistics. Bookmark the permalink. ← Friends remember Janesville’s Fitzgerald for charming personality, business acumen […]

  172. Kristina Says:

    I want to thank Dr. Bashioum and all his staff for everything they have done for me. I had breast augmentation surgery 2 weeks ago. I just had my post op follow up appointment today and everything is going perfect! I had been contemplating having this surgery for 6 years and I finally got the courage to go ahead with it. I was referred to the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center by a former employee and a friend who had the same surgery. As soon as I walked into the clinic I got a “good vibe.” The entire process from my initial consultation to trying on sizes 4 different times prior to surgery to the day of surgery and now has exceeded my expectations. The entire staff is so friendly and always know who I am when I call in. The staff made me feel so comfortable the day of surgery. All in all, I am grateful for everyone. I am very pleased with my results and I am only 2 weeks post op. I would recommend anyone who is considering improving themselves to Dr. Bashioum. You will love your results and will appreciate the care and knowledge that everyone has.

  173. Amy Says:

    I have had three surgeries with Dr. Bashioum. I have been VERY pleased with all three. The care and concern from staff is exceptional and Dr. Bashioum is a talented “Body Artist”. I feel like a million bucks in my 40’s thanks to him! Truly the best in town!

  174. Howard Says:

    Wow. Great read.

  175. Yvette Says:

    Just like some of the other bloggers, a large part of my initial decision to go with Dr.Bashioum was having the option to use IV sedation instead of general anesthesia. In addition to this, a few of Dr. Bashioum’s staff members were also previous patients of his and had had the surgery I was considering–bleph or eyelid surgery. It says a lot about a doctor when the staff consists of satisfied patients. Dr. Bashioum also had the “decades” of experience that I was looking for in a surgeon. The whole experience from consultation to final result was really great. I was treated respectfully, professionally, and compassionately at every step in the process and by every staff member I encountered. I was surprised and pleased by all the complimentary after care as well–I was even given Dr. Bashioum’s home phone number! The experience was so good that I got braver and returned the following year (2011) for a facelift. Once again the whole plastic surgery experience was fantastic. My son got married this year (2012) and all of the out-of-state family members that I hadn’t seen in years kept saying how I looked the same age as my cousins who are several years younger than I am. I am very happy I did this for myself, and very pleased with the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

  176. Jackie Says:

    My new bffs (my breasts) turned 1 yr old in Jan! I have to say it was THE BEST experience not only do they look natural but they are the breasts I have always dreamed I would have. My now fiancé whom was against plastic surgery, now one could say he has turned into a bit of a connoisseur. I cannot say enough about the surgery room staff–the nurse was calm and nurturing upon my awakening. I would also like to thank the anesthesiologist, not sure his name, who gently rubbed my arm to calm me as I fell into my beauty slumber. Since my experience I have shared my little secret, whom we like to call Dr. B, with 4 of my other girlfriends who are equally as thrilled. This month to celebrate my own birthday I received Botox. In usual fashion Dr. Bashioum and Sandy told me I didn’t need it but they were also kind in recommending a natural amount to diminish my first “line.” The procedure was quick with minimal discomfort and I can now say my forehead is smooth and flawless. I know at some point I will embrace those wrinkles and lines but for now I like to look like I have defied the years:) I will be Dr. B’s patient for as long as he is practicing and will continue to share my splendid experience with others. If anyone wants Botox he is a delight! Dr. Bashioum is not some cheesy money hungry doc– he is an honest, sincere and genuine man. After searching around for the best– that is certainly what I found in him!

  177. Sue Says:

    My breasts went down a cup size after I breast fed my children. I wanted to have them fixed for years but put it off. I finally decided to go in and have them enlarged to fix them. It has now been four weeks since I had them done. I must be honest, it did take a little bit of time for me to get used to them. But I love them now and am sorry that I waited so long to have them done. I encourage anyone that is thinking about having them done to go in for a consultation with Dr Bashioum and his staff. They answered all of my questions that I had and I never felt pressured. I will definitely pick Dr Bashioum again if I have any more work done.

  178. Too Much Botox for France's First Lady? « Nipntuck Blog - Simon Ourian M.D. Says:

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  179. Anti-Aging Treatments: Beware Of Skin Lighteners Containing Mercury Says:

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  180. Kristina Says:

    Thanks to Dr. Bashioum and his team I feel much more confident about my nose!! I told him what I wanted and he did exactly what he said he would to fix what bothered me. I am now five weeks out and am loving the results. I am going to recommend him to my mom for her surgery, also any family and friends! Thanks for your support!!

  181. Sheena Says:

    After breast feeding both my girls, my breasts were smaller and saggier than ever before. I was wearing a 34A bra and very self conscious about my almost non-existent breasts. They were also a bit asymmetrical which really bothered me as well. I’m 27 years old and since my husband and I were not planning on having any more kids, I thought it was the perfect time for me to do something for myself. I’m now 7 weeks post-op breast augmentation and EXTREMELY happy with my decision. I am very happy with the results thus far and I’m looking forward to the full 6-12 months healing and end results. Dr. Bashioum and his staff were amazing before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Bashioum was available to me on his personal cell whenever I had a question or concern, day or night. His staff made me feel very comfortable with the entire process, very warm and caring. If I wanted to have any other kind of cosmetic surgery, I would defiantly go back to Dr. Bashioum, no questions asked :o) Regarding my choice in size, I took his advice and went a size larger than I had originally chosen, and I’m so thankful I did!!! I’m now a 34D and my breasts are finally symmetrical! The first few days after surgery were pretty painful for me, but after about 2 weeks, and after the initial swelling went down, I was much more confident with the decision I had made. My husband thought I was perfect, the way I was before surgery, but knew I really wanted this, so has been very supportive.. He is also VERY happy with the results so far, as well : ) I would recommend Dr. Bashioum and his staff to anyone who is interested in having cosmetic surgery – It’s life changing. A big THANK YOU to everyone at the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center!

  182. Amy O Says:

    I just left my 6 week follow up appointment with Dr Bashioum, after having saline implants inserted. Like many women, I have wanted to have this surgery for years. After recently getting my body back in order after children, I decided to go ahead. I did a lot of my initial research online and spoke to a few women who had already undergone the procedure. I then started consultations. I went to a few different practices in the metro, but after my consultation in the Bashioum Center, I cancelled my other appointments.
    The staff was welcoming and helpful throughout the process. Being in the medical field myself, I am more observant (and critical) of the patient experience, and I could not have been more pleased with my experience. The staff kept me well informed and made me feel comfortable to call with any questions or concerns. I was assisted with sizing and encouraged to size again closer to the surgery day to ensure the selection was right.
    The day of surgery was calm and well organized. My Mother was with me, and although she does not thrive in a medical setting, she too was made to feel very comfortable. The surgery and recover went well. I was soon home and in less pain than I had anticipated. The follow up phone calls on the first night and day after were much appreciated.
    I had no trouble during my recovery. I was nervous about the restrictions because I have two young children. But the staff prepared me for what my limitation would be, and I was able to have help in place. I am one of the lucky girls who seems to have picked the right size, because I was alarmed at the size when there was a lot of swelling. Everything has calmed down nicely and I could not be happier. I now feel like I have the thing that has been missing for so long – I am now the person I was meant to be. I am glad that I selected Dr Bashioum and would recommened him to my family or friends.

  183. Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel Says:

    Interesting. I think this may be due to the information that is available online about how safe and effective cosmetic surgery is nowadays. Also, knowing that Botox is preventative is a great selling point for the younger generation.

  184. katie h. Says:

    What a beautiful tribute!

  185. Recall of French Breast Implants « Nipntuck Blog Says:

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  186. Karen Mussmann Says:

    This was so totally me over 10 years ago when the great Doctor Bashioum performed this surgery on me. The best thing that I ever did for myself and my self esteem! And I have barely any scars and you can’t even tell I had any surgery it is awesome!!!

  187. kim Says:

    I had a procedure three weeks ago……from the time I walked in the door, the staff were absolutely wonderful. Made me feel very comfortable with my choice. I am very pleased wth the surgery and follow up care. I would return to Dr. Bashioum in the future.
    Thank you

  188. Tammy Says:

    I also had a breast enlargement done. My surgery was done last summer and I am extremely happy! Things are now like I always wanted with myself (my one note is to try and be patient, because the final result doesn’t happen overnight). In the months to come, it was really amazing how things came together! The staff was super and Dr. Bashioum did a superb job! I was very nervous, but he is wonderful at what he does. It took me a bit to write because I wanted to wait until towards the end of my recovery to let each person who reads this know that I have no regrets. My pain might have been a little to get used to, maybe more than others the first few weeks.

    To anyone considering this surgery and is reading this, I recommend to start out with a consultation. It will help you decide if it is even the right thing for you. I believe that this surgery is a choice if it is something you seriously have always wanted! I would do it all over again. My outcome is everything I wanted, so I wish a huge thank-you to Dr. Bashioum and his staff 🙂

  189. Jinae Says:

    First, I want to extend a big thank you to the entire staff at the Bashioum Plastic Surgery Center. I am one to do a lot of research before making a big decision. I must admit that prior to being referred from a friend to Dr. Bashioum, I did consult several plastic surgeon offices in the metro area. But after meeting the entire team at Dr. Bashioum’s office, I knew my searching was over.

    The experience I had from the start to finish was wonderful. It started with Becky, who always greeted me so pleasantly and professionally, then nurse Jennifer who was so wonderful answering all my questions so honestly. Sandy did my final consultation and was so excited for me, and of course Dr. Bashioum who is a top- notch surgeon.

    This was a very big and personal decision for me. I wanted to choose the best! I was concerned with having plastic surgery, because I do work full-time and have two small children. Knowing that I had strong support at home and help from my husband was important for my successful recovery. My breast augmentation procedure was actually completed three weeks ago and I could not be more pleased with the results. The recovery was much easier then I mentally prepared myself for and I am now back to my normal routine with no restrictions.

    Every time I went to the office, there was no wait time and everyone treated me with the utmost respect. Based on my own experience and research within the industry, I would highly recommend Dr. Bashioum to anyone interested in plastic surgery. I know I made the right decision. Thank you again to everyone at the Bashioum Plastic Surgery Center.

  190. Amanda Says:

    I had a procedure done last week. Dr. Bashioum and his staff were patient, supportive and helpful. They made me feel so at ease before, during and after surgery! I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is thinking about having cosmetic surgery. THANK YOU Dr. Bashioum! THANK YOU Sandy! And THANK YOU Staff!

  191. Alicia Says:

    I wanted to get my breasts done ever since I was 16. After a long year of doing research, I decided to wait till after I was done having children. That time came, and I started asking around for who might be the best surgeon to do it. I am glad that I went to see Dr. Bashioum. He and his staff forever changed my life!!!!!

    From the free consultation, to the day of the surgery, the staff was AMAZING! They answered my questions, took the time to listen, and treated me with warmth and kindness.

    On the day of the surgery I was never nervous. Everyone who was involved with the surgery met with me and made me feel calm.

    After surgery, everyone was great and showed that they cared. Dr. Bashioum even telephoned me personally that night! I am so incredibly happy. I look and feel great. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Bashioum and his staff.
    I will recommend everyone to him.

  192. Nose Jobs 2nd Most Popular Nipntuck « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] she shares details about her recovery, including posting her own photos and click here see some  film clips of actual surgery. Share this: « Friday Photo: Minneapolis […]

  193. Nose Jobs 2nd Most Popular Nipntuck « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] here to  read Lisa’s blog  where she shares details about her recovery, including posting her own photos and click here see […]

  194. Samantha Says:

    I had my breast augmentation done almost two years ago now. Breast augmentation was something I had thought about doing for a long time. After having four kids in seven years, I was not happy at all with how my breasts looked and knew that breast augmentation surgery was a choice for me.

    We heard about Dr. Bashioum on the KQRS morning show and decided to at least go have a consultation with him. I could not have been more impressed with Dr. Bashioum and his staff. They were some of the sweetest people I have ever met. They took time to explain everything to us, were honest, and answered any question my husband or I had.

    After my consultation I knew this was the only place I wanted to have my breast augmentation done. I could not have been happier with the results of my surgery. My confidence went up and I loved the way my breasts looked in the shirts and swimsuits that I would never worn earlier because I felt too self-conscious in before.

    This fall when Sandy called to ask me if I would like be a part of the Las Vegas KQ live broadcast, I was so excited! My husband and I had always wanted to go, and I knew Dr. Bashioum was a part of the show every year. I never in a million years thought they would ask me to participate! The entire experience was amazing. I was a little bit nervous at first, but it ended up being more fun than I ever expected! I even took part in the sexiest costume contest and won 2nd place ($500)! I want to say thank you to KQ and all of Dr. Bashioum’s staff, especially Sandy, for a great experience. I was honored to be there with you this year.

  195. Mary Says:

    I have recently moved to Minnesota and was received by a warm welcome from the Bashioum Cosmetics staff and surgeon when I was making decisions on having sugary. I was at ease during consultation because of the professionalism, friendliness, and confidence in Dr. Bashioum and all his nurses. The consults that I had at other centers prior to this one were the complete opposite where I felt out of place and the doctors portrayed arrogance. In my decision making to have surgery, I had questions, concerns, fears but these were all resolved when I received phone calls by both Dr. Bashioum and Sandy. My husband and I were fully confident to proceed with the surgery.
    The surgery preparation packet was very informative and detailed. It felt good knowing the whole process from start to finish with both the surgical process and the anesthesia portion. The nurses’ caring and calm demeanor helped ease my fears the morning of surgery. Dr. Bashioum was also calming the morning of surgery as he sat down to chat with my husband and myself. The surgical tech and nurse anesthetist were super friendly as the greeted me in the operating room. The surgery was a success and the nurses took excellent care of me in recovery.
    My husband and I were sent home with a detailed discharge/home care instruction packet. That evening Dr. Bashioum personally called my husband to check up on me. Dr. Bashioum left us with his cell phone number and instructed us to call for anything at anytime. I did once I started back to work because I had numerous questions and he was there for me. He took a lot of time out of his evening to talk with me over the phone.
    All of my experiences going back for follow up appts have all been positive ones. The receptionist also has a smile on her face and greets you in a timely fashion. The nurses all remember my name and chat with me like we were old friends. I am always impressed with Dr. Bashioum’s memory! Every time he sees me, he asks me specific questions like how is our shared hometown of Pittsburgh?, how was my family’s trip to his vineyard in Napa?, etc. It’s always a personal experience with him, whereas some doctors would be all “business.” Dr. Bashioum never makes you feel that way. He makes you feel right at home ; ) I am most impressed with the amount of time he takes with you for each visit. I never feel hurried out of my visit. He will take the time to discuss matters with you.
    I am so happy I had my surgery. I received a breast augmentation and never felt more confident in a swimsuit. My breasts look very natural and that was my goal. I wanted to have fuller breast without looking “fake.” I desire the respect of my family and did not want to appear over the top. Dr. Bashioum made sure my breasts were in proportion to my body frame/size. He was able to achieve my goal of natural fuller looking breasts.
    My experience at Bashioum Cosmetics has been wonderful. I highly recommend anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to meet the knowledgeable and delightful professionals at Bashioum Cosmetics!

  196. nipntuck Says:

    Dear Daniell,
    Thank you for taking time to write your kind comments about your forehead lift experience on our blog!

  197. Daniell Says:

    I had a forehead lift about 6 months ago and am so pleased with the whole experience. Dr. Bashioum is absolutely wonderful — very kind and concerned about his patients’ happiness and well-being. He was available to me at all times in the weeks after my surgery, which was reassuring. And, of course, the results of my lift are great, too. Surgery can be scary, but Dr. Basioum and his fabulous staff made it a comfortable experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I am already planning my next procedures, and Dr. Bashioum is the ONLY person I would trust to perform them!

  198. Allison Says:

    I had breast enlargement surgery about 6 months ago and I am SO pleased with the results. I love the shape, size, placement – i love everything about the way they look. I’m so happy that Dr. B did my surgery. Thank you!!!!

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  201. nipntuck Says:

    Good Morning,
    Thank you for writing your kind remarks in the comments for our blog. We appreciate that you took time to share your personal experience with our readers.
    Your comments will post later this week.

    Warm regards,
    Lindsay Bashioum
    Editor Nipntuck Group

  202. Sunde Says:

    I had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results!! I was a little apprehensive, not about the surgery, but more about what size to go! I knew the pain ( if there was any) would go away, but the size would stay with me. I decided the morning of surgey and have no regrets!

    The recovery was amazing! I was up and around the next day and had absolutely no pain!! It was uncomfortable, but just the tightness in my chest muscles…I still can’t believe it was just two weeks ago!

    I want to thank EVERYONE at the clinic and Dr. Bashioum, they were wonderful. They told me exactly what to expect during my recovery and were spot on. My mom came with me the day of surgery and was very impressed with the care I received and the instructions she was given to help me after my surgery!

    I can’t say enough about the ‘family’ at Bashioum clinic. I have been telling all my friends to go there if they have anything about themselves they want to be ‘tweaked.’

    Thank you!

  203. katie harris Says:

    You go Dr.B!

  204. Kelly Says:

    So, what is the difference between the procedure of the ’80s and the procedure now? What would be the cost difference between this procedure and “traditional” breast implants? Is it dependent upon the amount of lipo done? Would it sort of be a “2 for 1” deal?

    Dr. Bashioum replies: Good question and I will answer it in a post later this week.

  205. Karen Says:

    I had my first breast enlargement with Dr. Bashioum approximately ten years ago. As I am coming up on age 50, I decided to have a second enlargement for a little extra confidence. Initially, I was going to “shop around” but as soon as I was in the office for my consultation I was reminded immediately of how caring the staff is and how comforting Dr. Bashioum is with any and all concerns. The decision to have Dr. Bashioum perform my second surgery was a very easy one. My surgery was done two months ago. The entire experience was pleasant and everything went as planned. And yes, I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bashioum to family and friends. Hats off to you and your team of professionals!

  206. L.F Says:

    I had breast enlargement in April, 2011. I am 20 years old and I always had small breasts. I felt uncomfortable when it came to my breast size and finally couldn’t take it anymore. When I went to my first consultation I was so nervous, but during and after it I was very confident that I wanted to get this procedure done. On the day of my surgery, the staff and Dr. Bashioum were extremely nice and made me feel relaxed. I do not regret one thing after having my surgery.
    I love my new breasts because they made me feel so much better about myself. My scars are very small and healed very well. There were no surprises during my recovery because of Dr. Bashioum answered every single question I had and told me everything I needed to know.

  207. nipntuck Says:

    Hi Jill,
    Thank you for contacting us on the blog. Please call our office at 952-449-4900 to inquire about current needs for nursing staff.
    We appreciate your interest in Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

  208. Jill Collum Says:

    I am writing on your blog to see if you have and RN jobs available within your practice. I have 16 years of RN experience and much of that experience has revolved around Medical/Surgical Nursing and Recovery Room nursing. This type of nursing interests me because I have had patients who have had cosmetic surgery and/or reconstructive surgery and I see the change in their demeanor and the self esteem they gain from the big and small changes that can be made through plastic surgery. I am an honest, intelligent, and caring RN. I would be honored to work with you within your practice if you had any job openings. I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Jill Collum RN, BSN

  209. business Says:

    Last year saw nationwide increases in face-lifts 14 percent liposuction 7 percent and even breast reductions 6 percent among men according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Men got 13 percent of the nations cosmetic surgeries in 2010 compared with 8 percent in 2008.

  210. Natalie Says:

    I’m a 39 year old mother of two who is now 7 weeks post breast augmentation surgery. I have absolutely no regrets and would do again in a heart beat. Dr. Bashioum and his staff were terrific! From day one, I felt extremely comfortable with them. They are honest, organized and professional. I was surprised how minimal the pain and recovery was and realize this is not the case with other doctors from other friends who have had the procedure. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Bashioum to anyone interested in breast augmentation. My results are so natural and I feel great about the way I look!!!

  211. business daily Says:

    Losing weight is an uphill battle for many people and there are so many different weight loss diet plans available to help with weight loss. The Wedding type of protein rich diet has become very popular, due to its fast weight loss. With a protein diet, a person is supposed to eat foods high in protein and to keep away from carbohydrate foods. Some diets will include days that are purely protein only and days of protein mixed with other foods. A healthy balanced diet should also include fruit and vegetables, so a protein diet only should be used for a certain number of days and not as a long term diet plan. Other health risks include kidney problems, as a result of consuming too much protein. To reduce the risk of kidney problems, it is vital to increase your water consumption and make sure you are drinking plenty of water daily while on a high protein diet. As Dr. Bashioum mentioned in his article, It is always advisable to check with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

  212. nose job patient Says:

    I’ve recently had a nose job a few weeks ago and although it’s still a little painful, i can defiently tell there is a huge difference, can’t wait for it to get back to normal!!

  213. Sara Says:

    I’m a 37 year old mother of three who is now one week post breast augmentation surgery. I am SO HAPPY I did this!! First, the recovery has been very manageable and better than expected. I didn’t even use narcotic pain meds. Second, although I still have some swelling, I already love my new breasts and my new shape. It has been very fun trying on clothes that just didn’t fit my flat chest before. Can’t wait to go bra shopping! Third, I couldn’t imagine having this done anywhere other than at Dr. Bashioum’s surgery center. He and his staff were incredibly professional and they made me feel so at ease. I really appreciated that Dr. Bashioum called me himself the night after my surgery. They really do care. I would recommend Dr. Bashioum to my friends, my family…to anyone!! Again, I am SO HAPPY I did this and SO HAPPY with my results!! Thanks Dr. Bashioum and staff!

  214. Natalya Says:

    Easter promises to bring sunshine and warmth!!!

  215. SJ Says:

    I am 30 years old and have some acne scarring on my face. The skin on my face is also very dull and I would love to have even, smooth, glowing skin. I have read a little bit about some of the skin care procedures you do. What would you recommend?

  216. SJ Says:

    I am 30 years old and had breast augmentation surgery two weeks ago. I am a mom of three and before I had kids I was a full “B,” but after breastfeeding was left with uneven, unattractive, saggy breasts. I am very active and exercise regularly so I was confident about my body, but not happy with the after effects of breast feeding. After a friend recommended Dr. Bashioum, I made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery and made an appointment to find out more information. I am amazed at the level of care and professionalism of Dr. Bashioum and his staff. From the receptionist, to the nurses, to the office manager, to Dr. Bashioum, they all have this amazing way of making you feel totally comfortable and there is no doubt that they truly care about the insecurities of woman and about helping them overcome. After my initial appointment, any nervous feelings I had were gone immediately! The office was not stale or uncomfortable like other doctor’s offices, but very comfortable and homey.
    I made the decision to go with 375 cc on one side and 400 cc on the other because my breasts were uneven to begin with. On the day of my surgery I was completely comfortable and was treated very well. I walked into the surgery room, was given an IV and “something to help me relax” and I was out. Before I knew it I was sitting upright and the surgery was over. Right away, I was amazed at how great my breasts looked. After a few days of recovery, some soreness and swelling I was back at work and a new woman! Right before my 2 week post surgery mark I went bra shopping.
    Today, exactly 2 weeks after surgery, I feel great…only have some minor numbness left and my breast look AMAZING! My incisions, which were made under my breasts, are barely visible. I am 100% thrilled with the results and LOVE the way my breasts look on my body.
    I highly recommend Dr. Bashioum and wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere for any cosmetic work. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Bashioum, Sandy and the entire crew!

  217. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. We will share your experience with our readers as a 2-part blog later this week.

  218. Lyz Says:

    I am 32 years old and I am 4 weeks post breast augmentation surgery. I have actually been thinking about getting this surgery for years and after having 2 kids and after getting in shape following my pregnancies, I had gone down to a 34A with no fullness left. I never bought a bra or swimsuit without padding and I felt I was very limited on clothing styles. When I decided on my implant size, my first thought was “Oh, I have a waist!” The surgery was simple and the slight pain and discomfort I experienced was similar to nursing. Completely worth it.

    Dr. Bashioum and his staff were so helpful and great to work with. I have already recommended several of my friends to his clinic. I am grateful and so happy with my results! Thank you so much!

  219. Natalya Says:

    Breast Augmentation a week ago. 20 years of embarrassment and low self-esteem are OVER! And it only took an hour to fix! How ironic is that! How does it feel? Amazing! Painful? Not at all. I’d say it’s more painful to start nursing a baby. Affordable – absolutely! Not all the women know that financing is available, and credit cards are accepted. Drove on the second day after the surgery, did clothes shopping on the third and fourth, back to work on the sixth! I am a new woman. The shape and size are already perfect, and they said it’ll get even better within a few months. 🙂 Dr.Bashioum, you are wonderful. Thank you for all your compassion to women and their problems (men too, I am sure). God does miracles with your hands. Your staff are all angels. Very beautiful and helpful! Expect my friends soon. I had to be the first one for them to see the results. I’ll highly recommend your clinic to everybody who asked me who did such a wonderful job and made my body absolutely perfect! Ten million thanks!

  220. Amy Q Says:

    I just returned from my 6 month checkup following a breast augmentation I had in September, which reminded me I had intended to post something on the blog since it was such a tremendous help to me when I started exploring this procedure! Everything you have read regarding Dr. Bashioum and his staff here is true; they absolutely treat each patient with the utmost respect, courtesy, patience and class. I am always greeted with a smile and first name basis whether on the phone or in person. If you are searching for the right place to have your surgery done, look no more! Bashioum sets the bar for quality of care and attention through a process that is equally exciting as it can be scary. There are many decisions to be made through this process, and Dr. Bashioum’s staff, as well as this blog, were a tremendous help at helping me find answers to those decisions.

    A few things I really wanted to contribute that might help other women at the beginning of this process is with the question of ‘how big?’ This dilemma really weighed on my mind at the beginning. I did a lot of homework prior to walking in for a consult with Dr. Bashioum, and the most common complaint that I always found was that they wished they would have chosen a bigger implant. I knew I was in a position to prevent this, so I was taking all my options into consideration very seriously. This is especially where the patience and courtesy of Dr. Bashoum’s staff was tested! I must have come back at least 3 times to try on sizers. They were always so helpful & understanding.

    The absolute best advice I can give is to bring a camera when you are trying on the sizers. Take pictures of the implant you think you are most comfortable with, but then go up 25-50 cc’s at least 3-4 times, taking pictures of those sizes. The photos were what really helped me come to my final decision, which was actually 150 cc’s MORE than what my husband & I thought would be the perfect size on our first visit for sizings! I was very small to begin with (small 34A), I decided on 500 cc in my left and 475 in my right, which brought me to a size very proportionate to my body type and a 34DD bra.

    My other piece of advice that I would like to contribute would is to remember that your implants will take at least 3-6 months to fully settle into place. They do look just fine in those first few months, but are more round at the top and sit a little high as your body adjusts and makes room for the extra ’tissue’! I personally am happy that my surgery was in Sept. and I recovered through the winter to allow for the perfect result just in time for summer! I CANNOT wait to show them off in the new bikini’s I purchased from Victoria’s Secret!!

    Ultimately, it goes without saying that I am extremely happy with my final result and look forward to visiting Dr. Bashioum again for other services that I am considering as I continue to age 🙂 Thank you!

  221. vicki Says:

    Dr. Bashioum is wonderful. He is very personable and answers every concern. I am one week post breast augmentation, still a little sore and the muscles in my chest still feel a little tight, but things are improving daily. I am extremely pleased with the results already. His staff is a wonderful group of educated professionals, each making you feel comfortable. You know you are in good hands when you receive this type of quality care. I would highly recommend Dr. Bashioum and his staff to anyone feeling a need to improve on nature’s slights! Thank you all!

  222. Amanda G Says:

    I am just over 6 weeks out from having breast augmentation (implants) and not only am I so happy with my results, I had a wonderful experience with the whole surgery procedure. Everyone at Dr. B’s office is so nice and friendly, even the morning of my surgery I felt completely at ease. I’d recommend Dr. Bashioum to anyone who is considering plastic surgery!!

  223. good plastic surgery Says:

    Well said. I don’t think anyone should go nuts with plastic surgery, but a little here and there is fine if you can afford it and it’s what you really want.

  224. iya Says:

    “Economy, Boob Jobs Grow” who would have thought having this headline lures audience?

    Breasts have always been associated with femenity and are sometimes used to measure how sexy the woman is. Though not everyone prefers big boobs, many women are pressured to have bigger or fuller breasts.

  225. nipntuck Says:

    I believe that natural results which make you look refreshed are the best. Artificial or plastic results are less than perfect in my eye. I am pleased your friends appreciate your new “skin tone.” Thank you for your kind remarks, it is always a pleasure to share these comments with my staff.

  226. Karen Says:

    I am about six weeks out now from having a minor facelift (I say “minor” because I just wanted the corners of my mouth to quit turning down) and I love the results! It is all very natural; I just look “refreshed,” as Dr. Bashioum said I would. No one has asked me what I did to my face or why I look different; they just say things like, “your skin looks so good” or “you look so pretty today.” Perfect! I am very happy with my results and the level of customer care at Bashioum.

  227. nipntuck Says:

    All surgery disrupts lymphatic drainage, some more than others. Facelift surgery by itself leads to swelling. This process is part of surgery. When acute surgical swelling occurs at the same time as lymphatic disruption, prolonged swelling may be observed. Facelift surgery combined with other facial aesthetic surgery can not only result in more initial swelling, but also greater lymphatic interference and prolonged edema. I try to inform my patients of these consequences. Most of my patients choose to stage facial cosmetic surgery so that each swelling episode is reduced, pain is minimized and the improvements are gradual. It also gives the patient the opportunity chose the “next” procedure knowing the improvements of the first.

    I developed this approach based on how I designed my mother’s facial cosmetic surgery. She was a healthy 78 years old at the time, but suffered from a minor heart rhythm problem. In an effort to reduce the stress on her, I did her surgeries separately, waiting 6 months between each one. She had a facelift, followed by a brow lift and lower eyelid surgery ending with upper eyelid surgery and lip wrinkle removal. We did each procedure under local anesthesia, with the lightest sedation. I was impressed how quickly she recovered from each procedure. In fact, being 78 didn’t slow her down much, because we walked 2 miles the day after her forehead lift and lower eyelid surgery!! That was hard to believe. She turned 95 in January and still looks great!
    My point to recounting this story being that continued swelling and ease of recovery can be a bit prolonged when facial plastic surgery is combined. Even though it is apoealing to have only one convalescence, there are some compelling reasons to do cosmetic surgery procedures individually. I evaluate this depending on their complexity, pain potential, and lymphatic disruption.
    I trust that your swelling will resolve with time. Your patience is needed and greatly appreciated during this healing process.

  228. nipntuck Says:

    Combining liposuction with other body contouring procedures (breast enlargement, tummy tuck) are complimentary in achieving basic Mommy Make-over transformations. As in your case, I recommend separating these procedures, so that each convalescence is reduced and ease of recovery is maximized. I also believe that doing surgeries separately is safer for my patients and lessens the possibility of adverse effects (urinary retention, nausa, vomiting). I am delighted to hear that you are pleased with your results.
    I thank you for your kind comments.

  229. nipntuck Says:

    Waiting to have cosmetic surgery until you are older can be difficult. However, I believe that waiting until you are emotionally mature enough to choose aesthetic changes is equally as important. Of course that is not to say that age is the only factor in maturity. Teenage years can be trying times for adolescents. I truely believe teenage plastic surgery should be undertaken with the utmost of careful consideration. Except for cases of congenital deformity, I almost always recommend waiting to have cosmetic surgery until you are a young adult.
    We appreciate your contribution to our blog. Thank you for your kind comments.

  230. Melissa Says:

    I could not have been more pleased with the result of my tummy tuck. I am amazed at how well it has healed. At my 6 month follow-up appointment, I talked to Dr. Bashioum about doing some liposuction on my flanks. I went in on January 25th, and now 4 weeks post-op, I am THRILLED! This made all the difference. So many people have commented that I look different. My waist has never been this defined, and my jeans finally fit right! I couldn’t believe the drastic change. I still have some swelling – its getting better every day!

  231. Summer Accessories: Breast Enlargement « Nipntuck Blog | Social Beauties Says:

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    […] Documentary Film “Restoring Jennifer” […]

  233. Jacquelynn Says:

    I just wanted to leave a comment on behalf of Dr. Bashioum, although it’s not specifically about today’s post on facelifts. I recently had breast surgery and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with my augmentation procedure. My first consult with Dr. Bashioum was when I was 18 he was kind enough to tell me to come back when I was older, when I was really certain about the procedure. I am now currently 26 and it was the perfect time for me. I was greatful for his sincerity. Not only do my breasts look undoubtedly natural and well proportioned, but they also healed impeccably. My incisions, which were one of my greatest concerns, are nearly invisible. Dr. Bashioum is an outstanding person and surgeon. His experience is evident in my results and his concern for his patients is unmatched. I am greatful for the time he took and the compassion and kindness his entire office showed me. I know the ideal is not to look for perfection, however I feel I now have perfect breasts!!! Thank you so much to Dr. Bashioum, Sandy, Becky, Peggy, and Brett you all have changed my life. I smile everytime I look in the mirror! I will forever recommend you every chance I get!

  234. whatsaysyou Says:

    She didn’t need all that Botox to begin with. Whoever claims that she did it to tackle muscle pain or TMJ is actually talking rubbish. She is too young to have it done and she is still growing. What’s more it is unethical too.

  235. Aunt Sherry Says:

    i have just had a facelift and chin implant – i am sooo swollen but not bruised…i had no idea i was gonna look and feel like this … i will be patient and hope everyday gets a little better… realistically – when should i be able to look a little more like myself instead of alien.

  236. Nikki Says:

    I am happy to film the entire process for you and your readers.
    In return, since my 40th birthday is near, Ill expect you to film my “minimal” nipntuck when I decide the time is here.

  237. nipntuck Says:

    Dear Shannon,
    Thank you for your very kind comments. It is so gratifying to hear from our patients and we appreciate that you took time to share your story. Many of my patients present with similar body changes following pregnancy. We are happy to have helped you look and live well.

  238. Shannon Says:

    I just wanted to take the time to THANK Dr. Bashioum and his fantastic, caring staff for a great experience in getting a recent breast lift and augmentation. With the after effects of breast feeding and growing older, my breasts were saggy and felt like udders.
    It is now 2 1/2 weeks after surgery and I am so happy with the results and the whole experience. It is amazing to be able to see the part of my body that was hidden by my saggy breasts – I have a new body shape that is slimming, my breasts are lighter and stay in place where they are supposed to be! 🙂
    I was very nervous about what the pain would be like after the surgery and was pleasantly surprised – I only had to ice my chest for 24 hours and there was very little pain – just pressure and tightness, but each day it lessens and I have more and more mobility.
    I highly recommend Dr.Bashioum and his team for anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery. They are extremely responsive to all the questions and when I asked and called with my many, many questions, they never made me feel like I was bothering them – they actually welcomed my questions and calls.
    Dr. Bashioum and team, I truly appreciate your time, effort and care to ensure I had a great experience. THANK YOU!!!

  239. laurel Says:

    Does a second bride or older bride have a better chance at love with a perfect package?

    money can’t buy you class, but classy brides get plasty!

    husbands-to-be watch out for the trophy-wife that’s sleeping in your abode!

    cheers to winning the barbie lottery!! that wife-to-be may be older, but frankly, you might need a lift too, my dear prince charming!!!

    p.s. better have a good prenup!

  240. nipntuck Says:

    To my patients,
    Thank you for all your kind comments. My staff and I are always delighted to hear how happy our patients are with their surgical results. We appreciate that you took time to post on the blog. Happy New Year!

  241. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for you comments. I plan to post my take on this curious trend tomorrow.

  242. Nikki Says:

    As with all plastic surgery, it’s a personal choice. However I imagine the groom fell in love with his bride-to-be the way she is mentally and physically. They may not like or feel indifferent to the new overhaul. Potentially creates unnecessary stress on a new marriage. She may also love the NEW her and feel she deserves better. Most importantly, the excitement of not having to pay and winning such a procedure may overshadow the risks of ONE procedure not to mention various. It is surgery after all.

  243. Ashley Says:

    This show is hilarious!! I was just watching it last night. Most of the girls are opting for a nose job or breast implants as their first surgery. I can’t wait to see what the winner looks like. Having that many procedures in such a short amount of time could be really risky though. I wonder how their new husbands will adjust to the new look?

  244. Caroline Lappen Says:

    I wanted to let others know how great of experience I had with Dr Bashioum and his staff. They were so nice right from the first call I made to them and the service continue throughout my care. I called someplace else and was turned off on how they treated me on the phone. Dr Bashioum and his staff are GREAT!!! I would recommend anyone to have their cosmetic surgery done with Dr Bashioum.

  245. Michelle Says:

    Two years ago I had a breast augmentation completed by Dr. Bashioum. I was very hesitant and uncertain of size, procedures, etc. The entire staff immediately put my mind at ease and I couldn’t be happier with the results. This year I decided to have liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks. I work out faithfully, but there were certain areas that I could not get tone. The procedure was flawless and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I have my shape back prior to having my three children. Botox every six months is a life saver and keeps my face looking fresh and vibrant. I would recommend Dr. Bashioum and his unbelieveable staff to anyone who is considering a little nip or tuck.

  246. Dawn Says:

    I’m 43 y.o. the mother of 2 & had breast augmentation 8 weeks ago. I LOVE the results & wish I would have done it 20 years ago. Dr. Bashiom is a pro & his staff are very knowledgeable, super friendly & supportive. Recovery went fast & I’m feeling fantastic. Going to Florida next week & can’t wait to wear my bikini—-Looking HOT, as my husband would say!!

    Never say never & 43 is not too old to get a new look! Thank you Dr. Bashioum!!

  247. G Grams Says:

    It has taken me some time go come out here and post this. Dr. Bashioum performed my breast augmentation for me in July 2009. I could not be happier with my results. From the first consult, I knew he was the one to do my surgery. After the first meeting, I was still unsure of my sizing. So I went back in and met again with his staff and they spent more time with me in making the right choice for what I wanted.
    Everything went as expected or even better. I am looking forward to going back to Dr. Bashioum for a tummy tuck in the future.

    Thank you to you and your staff for all they do.

  248. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Asymmetry is a common occurrence and I respect your decision to embrace feeling comfortable in your own body. While plastic surgery is not for everyone and it is certainly not the answer to every problem, it is an option worth considering for some women. Our documentary film “Restoring Jennifer” gives a personal account of a young mother wanting to restore her figure after pregnancy and nursing several children. As her story unfolds, she describes why she chose to have breast surgery.

  249. ThePowerofMyth Says:

    I personally used to have issues with my breasts. What use to always bother me is that they are different sizes. I really used to think that if I got them “fixed” to be the same size that somehow, someway my life would be easier or better. Luckily this thinking didn’t last long. I have now learned to love my breasts even though they are completely different from the ones I see on the media. They are not huge or the same size or anything else that the media tells me makes breasts so awesome.

    Yet I think my breasts are awesome anyway. I know that changing them wouldn’t magically fix my life. I do know however that learning to accept them for what they are has helped me a lot.

    I think its interesting that women feel so much more “confident” after this surgery.

    I wonder if this is because they get more male attention from having bigger breasts which leads to them being more confident. Or if having bigger breasts really does make them more confident without the male attention?

    If it is because of the increased male attention, then that is not really an increase in confidence or positive body image, because once the attention goes away so will their confidence and positive attitude.

    Real confidence and positive body image is waking up in the morning looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking wow I am beautiful because I am me, not because some guys are checking me out while I walk down the street.

  250. C thompson Says:

    I recently had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Bashioum and am so pleased with the results. I was so impressed by the professionalism of he and his staff. I am a modest person and never did I feel at all uncomfortable during any of the experience. I strongly suggest that anyone who is considering having plastic surgery go to Dr. Bashioum you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much for everything!!

  251. Angela Akpan Says:

    Dr. Bashioum recently performed a breast augmentation on me, and I wanted to post a comment about my experience. From my first consultation up to my actual surgery, Dr. Bashioum and his entire staff were so nice to me. They welcomed me into their office and made me feel very comfortable, which I could tell was important to them. I was a nervous wreck the morning of my surgery, but again, all of the staff were genuinely supportive, which put me at ease. My surgery went extremely well, and although my breast have not completed “dropped”, I am extremely satisfied with my results thus far. Dr. Bashioum is truly an excellent doctor and I am happy I chose to have my surgery done by him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone contemplating plastic surgery. I would personally like to say thank you Dr. Bashioum and thanks to all of your staff members who assisted me during such an important time!


  252. Deb Says:

    I recently had Dr Bashioum “redo” a breast augmentation I had done 23 years ago. I had originally planned to have them removed but I am very glad I changed my mind and had new saline implants put in. These look and feel better than my previous implants. I’m very happy and really glad about my decision. I would like to say “Thank you” to Dr. Bashioum and whole team of people at your office. I’ve never met such kind and concerned wonderful people. I had a very smooth and easy experience with great results. Thank you all for the help, kindness and just all around great experience. Hugs to you all. D.

  253. Diana Says:

    I had a breast enhancement done..and believe me it was worth every penny. I could not be happier with my result..not only does it look 100 times better but I have so much more confidence in myself. I love it and if I wanted anything else done this is the Dr. I definately am turning to. My friends have had stuff done by him to and he really does an amazing job. and the staff there are unbelievably helpful with anything and everything to..Thank you for the best result ever 🙂

  254. Deb Says:

    I recently had a facelift and chin implant replacement. Basically, this was a fix of poor work done elsewhere where too big of a implant was used and with very little possitive results.

    I couldn’t be happier with the work done by Dr Bashioum!! even with a little swelling left, i see huge of improvements in my looks. All doctors are NOT the same. I would recommend Dr Bashioum without hesitation!!!!!!!!

    thank you!

  255. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your very kind comments. We enjoy hearing from our patients and are so pleased that you are continuing to be happy with your experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our Nipntuck Blog.

  256. Sara Says:

    Back in Nov 2009, I looked in the mirror and hated the way I looked. So I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. 85lbs lighter, 10 dress sizes smaller, and 2 bra sizes smaller. WHAT!!! I couldnt believe it. All that hard work and I lost my favorite asset. Thats when I started considering breast implants. I researched and researched untill finally a coworker and friend of mine told me she had it done 10yrs ago by Dr. Bashioum. She even showed me her 10yr old results and they still looked as perky as could be. In June I called to schedule a consultation. I talked to Dr. Bashioum about a possible lift with the implants because of the loss in volume from the weight loss. (They looked like a sock with a bar of soap just hanging there) 🙂 We did have the first surgery scheduled July. I got cold feet the week before surgery and called and canceled. I was just so terrified of the lift. I didnt do enough research on it to go through with it. All the staff at Dr Bashioum’s office were so understanding and told me that if I decided to go through with it to make sure to consider them again. That right there meant alot to me. So again, after tons and tons of research I decided to give it another try. I scheduled my surgery for Sept 20th. We decided to just go with the implants this time. And if 6 months or longer down the road I decide to get the lift it can be done. This is the first surgery I have ever had so I was worried and excited at the same time. The day of surgery I was so relaxed. They make you feel so comfortable. And within a little bit of arriving I walked into the opperating room layed down on the table, and before you knew it I was awake and in the wheel chair recovering from surgery. Not much pain at all. I just mainly felt pressure. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.It has been 10 days since my Breast Augmentation. They still have swolling on top but I love them. I have my big girl boobs again. I feel I’ve gotten that confidence back. Dr. Bashioum, You are amazing at what you do!!! Im am so greatful I went to Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center. Its changed my life. THANK YOU.

  257. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your insight. We agree and have actually titled our documentary film “Restoring Jennifer” for exactly the same reasons. The film is posted with a link on our Blog.

  258. nipntuck Says:

    We are pleased that you enjoy our blog.
    Stay tuned, as we film Melissa’s surgery, post clips and follow her recovery.

  259. Helen Says:

    All I can say is BLT’s. Although, skip the lettuce and add arugula and neuskes bacon of course……….

  260. Jessica Says:

    Hi! I had a breast lift done under local anesthesia and iv sedation on August 2nd. I am SO happy with the results and love Dr. Bashioum and his staff. Everyone was there to answer questions, even Dr. Bashioum was available to talk to all hours of the day or night. The top reason I went with Dr. Bashioum was because he was willing and able to do the procedure under iv sedation rather than general anesthesia. I have bad anxiety and was scared of going under, although now I wouldnt be afraid of general because it was SO EASY! The nurse anesthetist made me feel calm and at ease with the whole process, I was even talking during surgery but felt no pain whatsoever. (By the way, whatever was in my IV was WONDERFUL!) It seemed literally like minutes before I was done and on my way home. Thank you so much for bringing back my self confidence! I can wear sexy pjs, cute bathing suits, and I don’t even have to wear a bra anymore….AMAZING!!!!

  261. aging n1 Says:

    Amazing web site! I haven’t noticed before in my surfing!
    Keep up the good work!

  262. nipntuck Says:

    Many thanks for your kind comments! It is gratifying to hear of positive life changes after breast lift and breast enlargement.
    Dr Bashioum

  263. Jenny Dahlke Says:

    I just wanted to thank Dr. Bashoium for my breast lift and implant surgery! It went so well. I am ecstatic with the results. I haven’t ever looked this good. My recovery went so fast and 3 months later it is like I never had surgery. Thanks so much!!

  264. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, we welcome guest blogs and are delighted about your interest in contributing.
    Please submit a Guest Blog as a comment and please include all your contact information and medical credentials.
    Our editor will then do a quick edit and schedule for posting if appropriate.

  265. John Says:


    I came around your blog and found that you have posted many useful articles in your blog. I read some of the articles and found it interesting and got much more knowledge on different surgeries and treatments.

    I would like to know that whether you allow guest blogs in your blog. We have very good postings on Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgery procedures for your blog.The blog posts would be written by Dr.Rajagopal, a board certified plastic surgeon with over 14 yrs of experience.

    Please reply at your earliest.

    Many Thanks,


  266. Saundra Rivas Says:

    Realy good forum. I’m going to bookmark this site and check it out often.

  267. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your interest. I believe insurance premiums should not be burdened with non functional surgical problems. Facial aging, minor nose trauma and scars can leave undesirable physical changes. Physicians frequently associate these changes with functional problems out of compassion for the patient. The doctor wants to be the patient’s insurance advocate. I am not convinced this is the best choice.

  268. nipntuck Says:

    Thanks for your comment! Liposuction is an independent surgical procedure. It represents a real fluid balance challenge to the patient. Adding liposuction to sites other than the primary surgical area (tummy tuck, face lift), I believe increases the risks and morbidity. That being said, multiple areas of treatment can be completed when liposuction is the only procedure without increased risks provided total volume removed is not excessive and the total body surface area treated is not great.

  269. Amber Murray Says:

    I never thought about lipo before other cosmetic procedures, but more as an “add-on”. Thanks for some food for thought.

  270. drbillmackin Says:

    I really interested in your post. Actually I posted a similar related article in my blog regarding this issue. What is your opinion about it?


  271. Peggy Silker Says:

    WOW! Dr. Bashioum was hot!

  272. Flowers Says:

    Your blog looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. Keep on posting.

  273. Peggy Silker Says:

    A special thank you for the positive outcome of my post op appointment yesterday. Everyone in the office is so kind an reassuring. Can’t wait to recieve the before and after pictures.

  274. Rebecca Says:

    Dr Bashioum,
    I have been to other Platic Surgery Offices for breast augmentation consultations. They have all told me that silicone was the only choice for me. It is my understanding that saline implants are still on the market. Do you have any insight on why these other physicians are only pointing me to silicone?

  275. Katie Says:

    I am interested in upper eyelid surgery as I am noticing more hanging of skin on my upper eyes. When I spoke with my family physician about it, he has recommended that I have it done by an opthalmic surgeon and not a plastic surgeon as I may be eligible for insurance coverage. I am sensitive to seeking out facial surgery by anyone other than a plastic surgeon. Will you accept insurance for this procedure and/or if not, who is the procedure best performed by?

    Thank you

  276. morgan Says:

    Please don’t tell me you can paint like Van Gogh also.
    Does everything you touch come out beautiful?

  277. morgan Says:

    How do you do it? I guess your hands should be insured for billions! prune,nip and tuck.

    Any other hidden talents that Dr. Oz would be envious of??

  278. morgan Says:

    I have been thinking about getting my upper arms done. I use arm weights for my triceps and still have this sag and want to look great in sleeveless clothing.
    Where does the incision take place, so I wouldn’t have unsightly scars?
    I have wanted to get this done soon, and I am curious about the invisible scar and how does one hide this on the upper arm ?

    anxious to wave that beauty queen arm proudly!

  279. Pick your nose! « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] Unfortunately, these techniques are not as precise as sculpting a piece of metal or clay.   In addition, your body will do some sculpting of its own while healing.  On occasion, carefully placed cartilage grafts will be absorbed (lost) by your body, perhaps requiring revision surgery.   Finally, complications can and do occur.  Several of my patients have shared their experience with having a rhinoplasty or nose job.  Click here to  read Lisa’s blog and see some  film clips of actual surgery. […]

  280. Pick your nose! « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] of my patients have shared their experience with having a rhinoplasty or nose job.  Click here to  read Lisa’s blog and see some  film clips of actual […]

  281. Nicole Says:

    Dr B,
    Are there any new products such as lasers for skin rejuvination?

  282. Katie Says:

    I am 45 years old, have never been a smoker, but have these obnoxious upper and lower lip lines. What causes them and what is the best method for either eliminating them or reducing their unsightly appearance?

    I love your blog, and follow it faithfully!

  283. nipntuck Says:

    It is always good to hear the results fulfilled your expectations. Thank you!
    I am fortunate to have a number of OBGYN physicians refer patients to my office. It is flattering to have peers respect your work.
    We look forward to seeing your daughter when the time is right for her.

  284. robin Says:

    I had a wonderful experience with a breast augmentation done by Dr Bashioum2 1/2 years ago.His staff was very professional and made me feel very comfortable as did he.
    My obgyn recommended him as he had seen some of the results and thought he was the best Dr for the procedure.He was right! The results are Very natural and undetectable…
    My daughter is thinking about having the procedure done in the future and I would have no reservations sending her to him!!Thank you to you and your staff for a wonderful experience!

  285. nipntuck Says:

    I am happy to hear of your good health, new exercise and eating habits. It is so typical for patients to experience changes in breast size not only with weight loss but also with age. Re-enhancing your breasts is usually an easy surgery, simply with a implant exchange surgery. Most patients say it is much, much easier than their first breast enlargement. We all look forward to seeing you in the Wayzata office.

  286. 49 & FABULOUS Says:

    I had breast augmentation surgery performed about 22 years ago (by you, the WONDERFUL niptuck surgeon). Each year still, when I am in for my mammogram, the x-ray techs are amazed that I have implants. Those of my friends who I have shared my experience with are amazed at how “real” my breasts look. My husband, after 22 years, still LOVES my “new” breasts and can hardly keep himself from “massaging” them for me, which I am sure is the main reason I never developed any scar tissue. They are beautiful and so “real” looking and I am still EXTREMELY happy with the results, except …… with age and gravity, I feel like they are starting to fall into my armpits. Over the past year I have also been more seriously excercising, including weight training, and improved my diet. As a result, I have lost weight, some of which feels like has been lost from these beautiful breasts that you created. I would love to be a cup size or two larger than where I am currently at. Is it possible for you to “enhance” already enhanced breasts?

  287. nipntuck Says:

    As you know, Zerona laser treatments claim to melt fat with external laser light. Certainly this might be a choice for you but my past experience with non surgical treatments is that they rely heavily on weight loss to get the “best result.” Liposuction on the other hand gives a consistent result with a single treatment. Interestingly, you might find liposuction is less expensive than a series of Zerona treatments. Please consider coming in for a complimentary consultation to discuss all your options.

  288. Yvonne LaFavor Says:

    Am looking into zerona treatments….does Dr Baschiom do this procedure?

  289. Flowers Says:

    Your blog looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

  290. nipntuck Says:

    Dear Rachelle,
    Thank you for contacting us regarding a Guest Post. We will send you the details for submitting to Nipntuck Blog and look forward to hearing back from you.

  291. Rachelle Holmes Says:


    Recent studies have shown that depression can actually lead to obesity in adolescent youth through raised stress hormones. With a very recent, hefty 6 million dollar donation from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, The Cornell Center for Behavior Intervention Development has begin its approach at striking down obesity in our youth, including minorities.

    As a representative of MetropolitanMD, I’d like to submit a guest post to, to perhaps discuss the topic at hand, and go over a few possible solutions, alternative to just liposuction and surgery.

    Please, take a minute to consider this and get back to me at your earliest; it would be a pleasure to contribute!



  292. nipntuck Says:

    The nipntuck cosmetic surgery practice and the Nipntuck Group are alive and well.
    You might be confusing us with the Nip/Tuck television series. I just do not know if it is continuing. I hope it is. Your question can be answered at Thanks for the comment and your interest in the Nipntuckblog!

  293. annie Says:

    Can someone please help me with a nip n tuck question.

  294. annie Says:

    Does anyone know if Nip N Tuck is finished in america? How many seasons are there of Nip N Tuck or are they still making them.

    If it is the last season in the states. How many seasons were made.


  295. nipntuck Says:

    You can maintain an active life style after breast enlargement surgery. My only suggestion is to reduce the intensity of chest muscle (Pectoralis major) excercises if implants are placed beneath the muscle. I recommend submuscular placement because the implants interfere with mammograms less in that position.
    I am sorry to hear that you are not receiving support from your family. There is never a clear reason for this. If you choose to proceed with surgery, choose someone who supports your decision to care for you after surgery. Your recovery will be more difficult if your care giver after surgery is not supportive of your decision.
    There is an interesting observation I have made during the past 30 years. Friends and family who are the most critical of your decision to have cosmetic surgery many time are the first to come in for the very same surgery after your procedure!

  296. Built Bod = No Boobs Says:

    After growing up feeling unattractive, overweight, and ignored, I have spent the past few years working on me- I’ve completely changed the way I eat, exercise, live and view myself. Recently, I’ve also started lifting weights and bodybuilding. As a result, my body is transforming for the better…except for one thing. My already=small breasts seem to be disappearing before my eyes.

    My question is, realistically, how possible will it be to maintain a very active lifestyle, with serious fitness goals in mind, after breast augmentation?

    A secondary question relates to what advice you have for patients whose family members are not supportive of their decision to have surgery?

  297. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments, glad you liked the site. We also include surgery clips from our patients that are contributing to the blog. You can watch Jessie’s rhinoplasty or nose job in posts from last week.

  298. Trish Says:

    Hi. Typically I would not post any of my personal life on the internet, but I want to share the terrific experience I had with Dr. Bashioum and his staff. My name is Trish and I am 7 months post breast augmentation. My story is similar to many other women I know. For one reason or another my/your breasts are just not what they used to be. Surgery was an easy decision for me, as was choosing Dr Bashioum. I knew he was double board certified and had an excellent reputation. Once you meet him you will understand why so many women recommend him…he gets it. You feel his passion for his work and that he strongly believes in doing what is right for his patients. I thought I wanted the “bought and paid for” look with my implants, but after going through my consultation I realized how much more beautiful it is to look natural. I’ve always been confident and comfortable in my own skin. My goal with surgery was to replace what I lost. I got that and then some, and love it!

    Although every augmentation experience is different, Dr Bashioum and his staff do an excellent job educating their patients on what to generally expect and how to make your recovery as smooth as possible. When I look back, things went exactly as they said. As excellent as the team is, it is also very important that you do your job to ensure the best possible outcome of your surgery. I was fortunate to have my husband at my surgery and then assist me throughout my healing process. 3 weeks of restricted activity seems like an eternity, but you will be very happy when you see your results!

    My advice to those that are contemplating augmentation:
    1. Follow your instructions
    2. Pamper your self prior to surgery with a mani-pedi, leg/underarm wax, and a massage to relax
    3. Unload your handbag and make it as light as possible and place your every day items at table level for easy access
    4. Have clothes available that are easy to put on and remove
    5. Lots of pillows to make sleeping as comfortable as possible
    6. Don’t’ panic about the implants riding high…they will drop
    7. Have someone there to help you

    Most of all RELAX. You will get through it and be so happy you made the choice.

  299. nipntuck Says:

    The artistic aspects of cosmetic surgery cannot be stressed enough. Sculpture is the cornerstone of all cosmetic surgery whether I am adding, removing or rearranging tissues. The quality of result is not dependent on what is removed but what is left behind. In Tara’s case, insufficient remained after the liposuction. Her skin has scarred to the underlying muscle leaving her with an uneven and irregular skin appearance.

  300. laurel manchester Says:

    Dear Dr. Bashioum,

    How many types of lip plumping procedures are there?

    I am interested in fuller lips and smoothing of skin above lips.

    Do you need repeat visits or is there a permanent solution with no constant upkeep?

    I would love this done,though the cost of recurrent visits scare me.

    thanks in advance for responding,

    A Sandra Bullock look-a-like want-a-be.

  301. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your comment. We hope our blog serves as a resource for anyone considering cosmetic surgery. Be sure to check back next week to see Dr. Bashioum prepare Jessie for surgery, followed by film clips of her surgery.

    LB- Nipntuck Blog Editor

  302. tinitch Says:

    goodluck in your nosejob! I’m planning to consult with my doctor on the 15th. hope to see your pre-operation and post-operation pictures. 🙂

  303. urdead2me Says:

    RIP – Solange Magnano, 38, a former Miss Argentina, wasn’t asking for world peace, or to end world hunger, or even for a cure for cancer. She just wanted a hotter ass. In comparison, a simple request, and probably easily done. Right? Wrong.

  304. BodaciousMOMto3 Says:

    Dear Bod. Blonde,
    I gather you are 37 years young. Any children? If not, instead of a facelift at this age, you may want to consider a baby, then go for a wonderful tummy tuck. Which, does wonders for the kangaroo pouch, unless you are extremely perfect already. I bet you are!!!

    Me, I would love to have a complete touch-up on this 48 year gravity depleted 36 longs, kangaroo pouch,
    a nose to look like my older sisters, and buff arms that resemble my baby sisters. That sure would be a fine way to make all my classmates of “79” envious. As for my Hubby, he would’nt notice a thing. He does need to get new glasses. Ah, maybe I’ll wait on the new glasses thing.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all in vain. It’s more like, all too cougaresque. No, all for hubby of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he,he.shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  305. trish Says:

    I could not agree more with this entry. I am 7 weeks post breast augmentation and am thrilled with the results. The entire experience has been fantastic and I am so happy I did it. I never thought I would need and/or want this particular procedure, but after losing wieght and turning 40 my body decided something different! Dr Bashioum and his staff are unbelievable and clearly enjoy what they do.

  306. Rhonda Says:

    TRUST ME!! If you are considering ANY type of plastic surgery you MUST see Doc.B. FIRST! I have had everything from a breast lift to eye surgery and have sent 4 of my friends to him. All of us could not be happier with the results.
    I am constantly showing my breasts to who ever will look at them (at 53 not many want to look)for them to see my non-existant scars after such a big surgery. You will not find a more honest and caring doctor, Who will not rush you in or out of his office and will spend every minute talking over your every concern (and I had many!) The care does not stop after the surgery either. How many doctors give out their home phone number for you to call 24/7???? His office staff is like family..I swear. They put the icing on the cake..The cherry on top with their kindness,humor and professionalism. I know this sounds like I must be his mother blogging a fake blog..NOPE..I have given them my phone number for whom ever wants to call me.
    I have my vanity flaw…and am a PICKY little(HUGE) “B–ch!!!” I will not go to anyone else. Trust me! I say once again. I have been a flight attendant for 30 years and am surrounded by peeps that have had plastic surgery. Let’s just say.. I am SOOOOOO… glad I had MINE done by Doc.B.!!!

  307. DYI Cosmetic Surgery « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] in any form when injected into the body  (see “Welcome Back Collagen“)  will cause inflammation.   It is the normal process the body goes through to wall off the […]

  308. nipntuck Says:

    Bodacious Blonde, thanks for the kind words! It makes us all feel good when we hear such things from satisfied patients.
    As I always say, do something when it bothers you. If your face bothers your now then get the information needed to make the decision. Facelifts are done on people as young as thirty and as old as eighty. The story of my mother’s journey into facelift surgery was at seventy eight. She would have benefited from a facelift sooner but it did not bother her. If sagging face and neck skin bother your now by all means seriously consider having a facelift.

  309. Bodacious Blonde Says:

    Dear Dr McDreamy,
    It has been over 10 years since my breast enhancement surgery. At the time, 27 was considered “so young” to have such a surgery.
    It seemed as though, after all the marathon running and training, I left my C cup breasts at the finish line! At this point being in superior shape both emotionally and physically I was determined to perfect or “reward” my body after such torment. Now to most, a “reward” would be a week at a spa not invasive surgery.
    In retrospect, a week at the spa would long be forgotten but my enhanced bodacious breasts are still with me and continue to be admired. I can not imagine going through life as a “Flatty Patty” type of woman. To have brains, confidence, and the visual most men desire is an extremely powerful position to be in, notwithstanding winning the race. So I thank you Dr Bashioum for performing not only a flawless natural breast enhancement but allowing me the CHOICE to be coined a smart bodacious blonde. A CHOICE I don’t regret only one I dreamt of-
    Now, on to the next stage in my life and question…Will most feel I am too young for a facelift?

  310. nipntuck Says:

    No problem. Liposuction will go a long way to correct your flapping arms if you have not had a large weight loss. People who have lost more than say 50 pounds may need to consider skin removal as well. This is known as brachioplasty or arm lift surgery. However, this surgery would leave more scars. Liposuction on the other hand can be done through a 1/4 inch scar in your armpit.
    Thanks for your question!

  311. laurel manchester Says:

    I am not the perverbial trophy wife. Nor, one could say high maintainence. I do, however want the Dad’s at my children’s sporting events to stand and take notice, if you know what i mean. Heck, the wives too for that matter.

    I don’t fly, but might be able to with my triceps flappin in the wind.

    Any suggetions? Oh, by the way, the running will take care of the other minor idiosyncracies. Years of weightlifting and still can’t get stellar arms!!!

    Is it feasible to remove fat from that area with no scars. Secretly saving for a sleeveless and sexy summer.

  312. Charlotte NC Says:

    Great story, Melissa. I like how you identified the period after your childbirth as “restoring” period. It is important to take care of yourself, especially as a mother, because your care of yourself ultimately means that you are in better condition to take care of your family. Best of luck. Hope to read more soon.


  313. Amy Says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal story with us Melissa. I’ll make sure and keep up with it and read the updates. I cant wait!


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