Muffin Top: Tummy Tuck Might Be Answer

The Oxford English dictionary was recently updated with about 900 new words.  â€œMuffin-Top” is one of the new entries and it is defined as a protuberance of flesh above the waistband. Dr. Bashioum and his patient appeared on television to discuss Tummy Tuck surgery following pregnancy. Click here to watch  the Twin Cities Live episode.

Tummy tuck surgery or  abdominoplasty  reduces the abdominal protrusion and might be the answer to get rid of what is affectionately called “muffin top.” This Tummy Nipntuck procedure uses liposuction, surgical skin removal, and/or muscle tightening to achieve a flatter stomach. People develop protruding abdomens due to extra skin, fat and weakened muscles. The cause in women is often due to pregnancy and/or fluctuations of weight and many patients turn to tummy tuck surgery to give them a more natural appearance. Tummy tuck is a popular procedure as part of the trend in Mommy Makeover restorations to minimize a pronounced baby pooch, and it is often combined with breast restoration surgery following pregnancy.

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