Got Turkey Waddle?

surgery to correct turkey neckThanksgiving is perhaps a time when the discussion of turkey has more than one meaning for cosmetic surgeons! “Turkey neck or turkey waddle”  commonly refers to the laxity or sagging of the neck. This may happen as a normal process of aging and usually occurs right along with other changes to the face.  As the laugh lines get longer and the jowls begin to hang, the laxity of aging neck skin causes it to begin to sag.  It requires a type of skin tightening procedure to get rid of the extra sagging skin. Cosmetic surgery is the most effective way to correct a sagging jowls that appear like a turkey waddle neck.

Simple liposuction is not enough when significant loose skin is apparent, sometimes causing a bothersome appearance. I generally recommend a facelift to correct the neck for two reasons. The primary indicators of aging are reflected in jowls and prominent laugh lines.   These changes most often appear as part of a less youthful facial appearance and are easily corrected with a facelift.   Secondly, the most effective and long-lasting skin tightening remedy is best accomplished by rotating the skin up toward the ears, in combination with facelift procedures to address jowls. Patients that choose this surgery report feeling better about having a more “refreshed” facial appearance. Our goal is to provide patients with a natural, youthful appearance, while avoiding the overly stretched abnormal look that Hollywood seems to embrace.

Photo: Courtesy of North Carolina State University, Cooperative Ext.



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