“Bridalplasty” for Mother of the Bride: Natural Fat Transfer

My daughter’s wedding is in June and I want to look my best.   Lately my face seems to have sagged.   What can I do?

Modern facelift techniques have a relatively short recovery period, so most patients are out and about in six to seven days after surgery.  The initial period for swelling and healing lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks.  As we get older, the fat layer beneath our skin diminishes, causing the appearance of aging. We have a great new technique to restore that fat layer now. Natural lipo fat grafting might offer an effective choice for you.

Fat transfer is an ideal clinic-based solution for facial fat loss. Liposuction fat is removed from selected areas, then fat is transferred and sculpted with facial injections. Fat has a naturally high concentration of stem cells. It is believed these somatic stem cells help rejuvenate and thicken the overlying skin reducing wrinkles and dark pigmentation. Lipo fat transfer is an exciting choice for natural facial rejuvenation. Allowing plenty of time for recovery assures a fresh and rejuvenated look for your daughter’s wedding.  



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