Self-Esteem and Cosmetic Surgery

In response to “The Dove Experiment”  posted on Mashable, I have definite opinions about the conclusions reached by many people commenting on the video.  After more than 30 years of being in practice as a cosmetic surgeon, I’ve talked with thousands of patients about how they look.  Here are my thoughts on the experiment, as a comment that I posted via my Nipntuck Twitter.

During consultation, patients sometimes report feelings of diminished self-esteem, often related to their perceptions of their own attractiveness.   Cosmetic surgery is effective in correcting physical problems. When realistic expectations in making outward changes are present, patients often reflect a positive change in their attitude toward their self-image.   This attitude shift is common with both my female and male patients alike.   While cosmetic surgery is certainly not the answer in every case of low self-esteem, I am pleased that many of my patients express feeling better about themselves following surgery.




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