What’s New in Liposuction?

When surgeons consider incorporating the newest technologies for liposuction into their practices, they need to be wary of the hype. There is wisdom in critically evaluating the science that verifies safety and efficacy.   According to Dr. Peter B. Fodor, UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and past president, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “new techniques should be based on its ability to provide outcomes representing objective improvements relative to existing methods that are sufficient to justify costs and risks.”   The technologies for noninvasive lipoplasty are growing exponentially, as are the big marketing efforts from their manufacturers.

Traditional suction-assisted liposuction still remains my main choice for appropriately selected patients in my practice. It has evolved slowly and enjoys a long history with proven efficacy.   Traditional liposculpture not only allows me to remove adequate volumes of fat, but specialized smaller cannulas can be used for delicate fat removal involved with designing customized sculpting for patients.




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