Goodbye to Lip Wrinkles

I find that a significant part of doing cosmetic surgery is sculpture.   Whether I am removing (liposuction), adding (breast enlargement) or rearranging (facelift), the quality of the result and achieving a natural appearance is the direct result of aesthetic sculpture.   Lip enlargement using injectable material is no different.  I first start out with  mental image of what normal lips look like.   The lips are then sculpted with the injections to look like normal lips.   Just last week, I did three lip injection procedures to rejuvenate lip wrinkles.  My patients all wanted a more youthful appearance.   They now have nice improvements in their appearance, without the over-inflated   “trout pout” appearance that seems to be so popular in Hollywood.

Lips have a subtle curve know as a “Cupid’s Bow.”  This complex curve is created by the mirror image of the upper lip meeting the lower lip.   The Cupid’s Bow shape is most apparent along the upper lip where the red lip meets the flesh-colored skin, also known as the vermillion border.   Over-inflation destroys this subtle curve.   By paying careful attention to anatomy,  a more natural appearance may be achieved.


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