European Med Spa: a Series #8

Anti-Aging Fixes

The European market for Cosmetic Procedures is projected to reach $2.7 within the next 5 years.    Not unexpectedly, people aged 35-50 represent the age group having had the most procedures and are projected to continue to hold that spot.  According to the CIA Fact Book,  the median age in Switzerland is 41.7 years within that demographic.  But with a population of only 7.6 million, Switzerland’s medical tourism is key to growth in the business of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging med spas.

Switzerland appears to be well positioned in this regard.   The Swiss healthcare system is considered to be world class.   Many of the private clinics are found in famous tourist destinations.   They are often situated in the most picturesque locales, many with breathtaking views of the Alps.   We had the opportunity to visit several on our trip.

The Vita Borni Alpine Wellness Spa located at The Grand Zermatterhof Hotel  is one of these perfectly situated facilities in Zermatt.   It appeals to visitors all year round and views of the Matterhorn are spectacular.


We toured the facility in August and found it to be very luxurious.   Medical treatments were lacking but all the feel-good treatments targeting skin rejuvenation were offered.   Swiss cosmetics and anti-aging products were prominently featured.   The high-tech display of the Cellcosmet  line of products by Cellap Laboratorie SA highlighted cellular technology.    They had a decidedly scientific and clinical marketing approach.  We will compare this approach with other facilities in the area next week.



Next time: the Series Continues

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