Did Bristol Palin have Cosmetic Surgery?

As reported by multiple news outlets, the famous daughter Bristol Palin, debuted her apparently new appearance at a Candies Foundation  benefit gala in New York City last night.

CBS has posted photos suggesting “before and after” her makeover.    When I compared the photos, I did notice a dramatic difference in the lower portion of her face.  It looks like she has lost a little volume in her cheeks, perhaps from weight loss.   However, her jaw does look remarkably different, which could be explained by having a cosmetic surgery procedure such as a chin implant.   It’s interesting to note that while she acknowledges a minor “corrective” surgery, she is perhaps not comfortable with the notion of having cosmetic surgery to solely improve her appearance.

In my own practice, I find that some patients tell everyone, some patients carefully guard their secret, while others share only with close friends and family.   It is certainly a personal choice about revealing the fact of having cosmetic surgery.   With the advent of the Internet, public figures can rarely escape the scrutiny of the media today.



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