Droopy Jowls

The development of jowls is one of the early signs of aging, along with laugh lines and laxity in the neck (commonly referred to as turkey waddle).  Correcting jowls is generally done as part of an overall facelift procedure.  Droopy jowl correction may be accomplished by trimming fat or by repositioning it at a higher level.  They may also be somewhat disguised by injecting more fat along the jaw line to plump up the area, or by a combination of these procedures.  According to ASAPS statistics, there were approximately 95,000 jowl rejuvenation surgeries performed in the U.S. for 2009 and represent a major component of facelift surgery.

I have found that patients have a difficult time accepting the word “facelift.”   This traditional descriptor carries a serious connotation of extensive surgery that requires a substantial recovery, resulting in dramatic changes to one’s physical appearance.   The word “facelift” also requires patients to acknowledge visible signs of aging, perhaps before they are willing.   For these reasons, many euphemisms have sprung up to “sugar coat” and market facelifts to the growing numbers of aging baby boomers.   These trendy terms include facial freshening, facial rejuvenation, lunch time lift, short incision lift, omega lift, string lift, Lift Style Lift ® and quick lift.   You get the picture.  However, even though it might be called something else, the surgery is basically the same.

Fortunately, recent advances in techniques for facelift surgery have resulted in relatively short recovery times now.   Generally patients can be out and about, and looking great in about 5 days after the surgery.   Dramatic changes in facial appearance can also be avoided, so friends and family should notice that you look simply rested and refreshed!   Skillfully done, the results should look natural and pleasing.



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