Bikini Bootcamp!

Bikini Bootcamp: How to Get Your Body Ready for the Beach

This headline on Fox made me chuckle.   Spring has arrived early this year in Minneapolis and I guess the Bikini Bootcamps are in full swing.   I have noticed an increase in the interest for liposuction and breast enlargement, as Midwesterners anticipate finally shedding bulky winter clothing for skimpy beachwear.  The body-conscience scramble to lose those winter pounds, toning up muscle.  This year, I hope suntans are traded for spray tans instead of soaking up skin damaging UV rays of the sun.

Sometimes working out can only get you so far.  When fullness on the hips and thighs just doesn’t seem to get better after hitting the gym, there are additional options.   Liposuction can effectively remove localized fullness.     However, the best results are achieved with patients that are within 10 pounds of their ideal weight.

Women who have had children and men who have lost over 100 pounds might have a belly issue.  Stretched skin and muscle usually require a tummy tuck to smooth the abdomen.  The scar is strategically placed so that it is covered by most swimsuits, but the surgery requires about a week of recovery before revealing new abs.

Seasonally inspired, breast enlargement interest is actually on the rise.   It remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.   More than 355,000 women elected to have breast augmentations last year in the US.

Next up: Barb’s Blog continues, surgery is filmed and we follow her breast enlargement patient experience.



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