Leah Blog: What to do before surgery?

I just received my packet from Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center with my pre-op (before surgery) instructions.   It was great that it came about 4 weeks before surgery, so I have time to read it over a couple times.   It really helped to calm my nerves, since it outlines everything in great detail. It includes what I need to do at least 2 weeks before surgery to insure that I receive the best care.

First, I need to set up a History and Physical appointment with my primary care physician, to make sure I am in good health.   Dr. Bashioum wants me to have exceptional quality medical care and this step helps to rule out any health issues that might affect the surgery and my final result.   My instructions also list several medicines to avoid before I go under anesthesia.

One of the things that I didn’t even think about is when I should shower before surgery and what to wear on the day of surgery.  Most of my questions seem to have been anticipated and are answered in my instructions.   There is also an entire page that explains what goes on in the operating room and the recovery room.   I feel very confident that if I read through the packet a couple more times, I will be well prepared for what to expect during surgery and be ready for my tummy tuck!   If I still have questions, they encourage me to call the office for my own peace of mind.

Please check back to read about the list of things that I need to think about following my surgery next month.



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