All Strung Out

The hottest and the latest is not always the best.   In fact, when it comes to cosmetic surgery it has been my experience that the hottest and the latest is rarely the best.   It has happened again with the heavily advertised “Thread Lift.”

The “Thread Lift” is a procedure where attempts are made to tighten the facial tissues with threads placed beneath the skin and fat of the face and neck.   It is touted as a very simple   and “inexpensive” procedure with little or no down time.   This is nothing new, as plastic surgeons have been trying to use  similar techniques  for decades.   I have noticed that the surgeons which have reported on such techniques have also quietly abandoned the procedure.

The “Thread Lift” is about to takes its place in the “been there done that” list of failed cosmetic surgery procedures.   The FDA revoked their 2005 approval of the device (barbed sutures).   A new study from Albany, New York has shown only minimal results from the surgery when compared to traditional facial rejuvenation surgery.   This study, along with a high incidence of problems including pain, skin dimpling, and  undesirable scarring, will cause it to be removed from procedures done by respected plastic surgeons.



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