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No Stitches After Cosmetic Surgery?

June 29th, 2016

Dr. Bashioum enters the Operating RoomIs it true that all stitches need to be removed after cosmetic surgery? The short answer is no.

In the past, skin sutures (stitches) or skin staple closures needed to be removed after cosmetic surgery. Some surgeons still use removable skin sutures or skin staples to shorten the duration of surgery by quickly closing incisions using these older techniques, I do not. With the advent of modern absorbable stitches and surgical skin glue such as Indermil ®, which are FDA approved, the new technology makes removing stitches a thing of the past in my office. I find that by taking more time with incision closure during surgery, I can offer a better experience for my patients.

Choices: Absorbable stitches are simply absorbed by the tissue and replace the need for suture removal. Surgical glue is similar to “Superglue” and is now being used to close small skin cuts, lacerations and also as tissue closure for surgical incisions. How does surgical glue work? It is applied by an applicator to the skin. Once it comes into contact with the skin, the glue hardens rapidly and holds the edges of skin together nicely so the skin can heal.

I prefer to use surgical glue and absorbable stitches for several reasons. I have found that patients really dread the removal of any skin closure device. It is very stressful for most patients to remain still while someone picks at a tender incision to remove sutures or staples. I also believe that surgical glue most often provides the least visible scare after healing. And finally, skin glue seals the incision. The adhesive material in  DERMABOND ®  or  INDERMIL ®  forms a strong microbial shield to protect wounds while they heal. There is a suggestion that the glue actually reduces the risk of infection. It also yields a better overall scar. The surgical glue does away with the need for most of the bulky dressings of the past, making recovery easier for the patient to manage. The glue simply washes off in the shower within about two weeks.

Surprisingly, many of my patients are unaware of these new methods and are pleasantly surprised at not having to worry about the need for removal following their surgery. It appears that none of my patients have missed out on the stress of having stitches or staples taken out!

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I Want a New Nose

April 23rd, 2015

Picasso-type Bashioum painting close-up before

Nose Surgery Series

Dr. Bashioum’s patient, describes why she wants a new nose. Jessie writes: Why am I going through with this rhinoplasty or nose job procedure? I found numerous sources that say the nose has the greatest impact of defining ones appearance. I hate looking at my side profile in pictures. I request to be placed in the center of pictures to avoid standing in profile; otherwise I can guarantee that I will hate the picture. I want to make the appearance and the proportion of my nose better, allowing me to be more confident with my appearance. I am doing it to achieve a nicer profile to boost my self-confidence by feeling better about my appearance. I am twenty-nine years old and have worked a second job for the past two years to save for things I want and this nose job is something I want, because I have really hated my side profile for years. My dad took a particularly unflattering photo, which still haunts me today, when I was 15 years old. The photo is taken from the side and my nose looks like a ski jump. I can still imagine that picture in my head and all I can think is yuck, disgusting, gross and how unattractive.

What happened to MY nose? Everyone in my family has a great nose, so why is mine the way it is?

Editors Note: Please check back to read about  preparations for Jessie’s surgery and watch her interview. You can also view video clips of my actual surgery in this series.

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