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Facial Rejuvenation for Droopy Brow

May 11th, 2017

Forehead lift surgery may be considered to correct drooping or sagging eyebrows, prominent forehead wrinkles and/or hooding (drooping) upper eyelids, and is effective in providing facial rejuvenation. A forehead lift is also called a brow lift, endoscopic forehead lift, or upper facelift. Factors contributing to these commonly unwanted changes in our facial appearance include normal aging, genetics and sun exposure. During a forehead lift surgery, forehead skin and muscle are surgically sculpted, repositioned, and/or tightened to rejuvenate the forehead for a more youthful appearance.

KSTP’s Twin Cities Live cameras followed our patient during her experience Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center having a forehead lift. Connie was bothered by a family history of prominent forehead wrinkles and sagging brows, so she considered surgery when Botox® failed to correct her concerns. She was filmed on the day of her surgery and 6 weeks later, Dr. Bashioum joined her on the TCL set to discuss her procedure and recovery. Many thanks to Connie for sharing her story and allowing cameras to document her stunning result.

Watch her video here.

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Rhubarb Sprouts: Spring is Coming

April 7th, 2017

Dr. Bashioum's garden rhubarb

Taking a little survey of my garden, now that the weather has started to warm up. Found these early rhubarb sprouts starting to come up as I was completing the pruning and final clean-up. I’s always a joy to find indicators that winter has finally past, but as all Minnesotans know, we gardeners hold our breath until May! Happy weekend and here’s to hoping a rhubarb pie is in my near future.

Just saw a female turkey cruising past the garden, foraging for bugs– a welcomed helper.

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